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從傳統 IDC 到 Hybrid Cloud 的演進及架構設計

從傳統 IDC 到 Hybrid Cloud 的演進及架構設計

2016 年底的 104 是傳統 IDC 架構,2019 年的現在是 AWS + IDC 的 Hybrid Cloud 架構,擁有 120 以上的 AWS 帳號,在這段時間 104 如何邁向 AWS 雲端以及技術選型,從初建 Hybrid Cloud 到現在穩定的架構又踩了多少坑,這場分享將帶給各位這段期間的辛酸歷程 (哭

- 真實的企業技術轉型
- Hybrid Cloud 建置歷程
- Hybrid Cloud 架構
- Hybrid Cloud 的瓶頸與困難

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  1. 從傳統 IDC 到 Hybrid Cloud 的 演進及架構設計 S c o

    t t . l i a o @ M r. 沙 先 ⽣生 < s h a z i . i n f o >
  2. 2 HELLO! 104 資訊科技 ⼯工程經理理 我會 ... AWS、DevOps、打雜 ⾁肉搜 Mr.

    沙先⽣生 或是 Mr. 礦物先⽣生 找到我 • IT 鐵⼈人賽第九屆:Puppet 從入⾨門就放棄 • DevOpsDays Taipei 2018 講者 • SITCON 2019 講者 • DevOps Taiwan CI/CD/Pipeline Tools
  3. 9 Direct Connect Intranet Provider:GCX / Chief Network:100M / 300M

    / 1G / 10G SLA:NO Type:Public / Private VIF Protocol:BGP
  4. 12 Multiple Account Network REF:Netflix Solution:Internet VPC Peering Transit VPC

    ✔ Transit Gateway ✘ policy ✘ proxy endpoint ✘ expensive
  5. 14 Multiple Account Network 《Transit VPC》 Subnet Not Overlay Not

    Share Cross Account Resource Subnet Range Limit Manage Cisco Cloud Services Router 1000V NLB Not Working for Cross Account
  6. 16 Mix DNS Network DNS Master for Configuration DNS Resolver

    for Query - Unbound - Route 53 Resolver DNS Slave for Zone transfer
  7. 18 Mix DNS Network《DNS Resolver》 AWS Only Domain Name ?

    ex. VPC PrivateLink https://aws.amazon.com/tw/blogs/security/how-to-set-up-dns-resolution-between-on-premises-networks-and-aws-by-using-unbound/ Unbound (DNS Resolver) forward-zone: name: “amazonaws.com” forward-addr:
  8. 20 Hybrid Cloud Latency AWS Direct Connect 30ms ~ 35ms

    - ProxySQL - Database Replication fo Read - API Data Cache Where are Database
  9. 24 ISO 27001 on Cloud Logs - CloudWatch Log -

    CloudTrail - Fluentd Control - Console Login with AWS AD、 AWS SSO - SSH Login Without SSH (AWS SSM) - Internet access With Proxy - AWS Service with VPC Privatelink Security - WAF、Shield、KMS、SSM - Guardduty、AWS Config、 Macie
  10. 25 Notice Cloud Without DNS Cache (TTL 60s) Status Not

    Local, Termination of instance is ALWAYS Cloud Computing is expensive EOL is ALWAYS Automation is everything