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Deploying with Kubernetes – Google IO 2019

Deploying with Kubernetes – Google IO 2019

My talk at Google IO Extended 2019 Lahore.

Source Code: https://github.com/sheharyarn/io19-k8s-kotlin-app

Sheharyar Naseer

July 06, 2019

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  1. Devops is Hard • Even the best engineers struggle with

    deployments • A lot of manual work • Post-deployment monitoring • Never-ending stream of security & reliability issues
  2. Imperative Systems • Create VPS instances for all of them

    • Manually install dependencies • ConGgure environment • Some automation possible • Still need to react in case something goes down
  3. Desired State • Tell Kubernetes what you want,
 not what

    to do • If something blows up, • Kubernetes will automatically Gx it • Will always go back to desired state
  4. Images & Containers • Represents application environment • Includes all

    dependencies • Isolated and bare minimum • We'll be using Docker
  5. Pods & Clusters • One or more containers deployed together

    • Representing an instance of your application • One IP per pod • One machine / node • Cluster is a group of nodes / pods