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Self-Paced GCP for Students

Self-Paced GCP for Students

One of my non-technical talks, that covers how students can get started with GCP with Google's Self-Paced Labs as part of #CloudSeekho Season 5.

Sheharyar Naseer

December 11, 2022

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  1. Bhai Aap Karte Kya Hain? • Indie Nomad Software Architect

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  4. Technology Verticals • Web & Mobile • ML / AI

    • Distributed Systems • IoT • Mixed Reality
  5. Cloud Cocktail • Most require Cloud Ops sooner or later

    (i.e. “at Scale”) • Different from your usual work (early on) • Think about other architectures and concepts • Reliability, Monitoring, Operations, Delivery, etc. • “More effort now, for faster growth later”
  6. A Tour of Google Cloud Hands-on Labs INTRO Lab Fundamentals

    TASK 1 Accessing the Cloud Console TASK 2 Managing Console Projects TASK 3 Roles and Permissions TASK 4 APIs and Services