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Cloud Basics: Google App Engine

Cloud Basics: Google App Engine

This was a webinar session on Google Cloud and Cloud computing, hosted by the GDSC community of students at Forman Christian College in Lahore.

My talk covered basics of Cloud development, Google Cloud Platform, and how to quickly get started with Google App Engine.

Sheharyar Naseer

June 08, 2023

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  1. GDSC FCCU 2023 • Lahore, Pakistan
    Google App Engine
    Cloud Basics Series

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  2. Technology advisor & consultant for startups, and
    Manager at Google Developers Group
    Find me anywhere @sheharyarn
    Sheharyar Naseer

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  3. Background
    • Indie Nomad Software Architect

    • 13+ years of polyglot experience, focus on Web & Cloud

    • StackOverflow: 70,000+ score (Top 5 in Pakistan)

    • Author / Contributor of multiple famous libraries & tools

    • Featured on popular developer communities

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  4. Outline Cloud Basics

    Intro to Google Cloud Platform

    Google App Engine

    Live Demo

    Learning Resources


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  5. Cloud Computing
    The Basics

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  6. Cloud Computing
    • On-demand access to computing resources, including
    servers, storage and networking infrastructure, hosted at a
    remote data-center

    • "Someone else's computer"

    • E.g. Domains and Hosting

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  7. Technology Verticals
    • Web & Mobile

    • ML / AI

    • Distributed Systems

    • Internet of Things

    • Mixed Reality

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  8. Technology Verticals
    • Web & Mobile

    • ML / AI

    • Distributed Systems

    • Internet of Things

    • Mixed Reality


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  9. Careers in Cloud
    • Web Developer (Backend & Frontend)

    • Site Reliability Engineer

    • Software/Cloud Architect

    • Networking Specialist

    • Cloud Security Specialist

    • MLOps Engineer

    • Big Data Engineer

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  10. Google Cloud Platform
    A Light Introduction

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  11. Google Cloud Platform
    • IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service

    • One of the "Big 3"

    • Servers, Storage, Databases, Networking, etc.

    • Extremely powerful

    • $300 in credits when you sign up

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  12. GCP Services
    • Cloud Storage

    • Cloud SQL, Firestore, and BigQuery

    • Compute Engine & App Engine

    • Cloud AI, Vision & Language

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  13. Google App Engine
    Getting Started

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  14. Google App Engine
    • Fully managed and secure serverless platform to host
    websites and applications

    • Easy to use and deploy

    • Supports many popular languages

    • Use for free (on smallest tier)

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  15. Usage
    • Create project on Google Cloud

    • Install GCloud & select your project

    • Create app.yaml in your code

    • Run deploy command

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  16. Example
    • Commands:

    gcloud config set project [PROJECT-ID]

    gcloud app deploy

    • Config:

    runtime: python3

    entrypoint: python main.py

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  17. Live Demo
    Google App Engine in Action

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  18. Questions?
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