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Distributed build with Jenkins

Distributed build with Jenkins

What distributed build with Jenkins is easy!


Shigenobu Nishikawa

January 13, 2013


  1. Distributed Build with Jenkins Shigenobu NISHIKAWA @shishi4tw

  2. Shigenobu Nishikawa work at Aiming Inc. programmer managing CI services

    for web dev
  3. CI = continuously commit + continuously build + continuously report

    What is Continuous Integration?
  4. For code quality rapid development preventing rework...

  5. It’s too easy Let me show you C I with

  6. None
  7. It’s too easy but... C I with Jenkins

  8. Muitiple builds bring on * too slow Integration * crash

    databases... probrems with single server
  9. → We need more speed!! We need good parallel build!!

  10. Distributed Build with Jenkins

  11. Distributed Build with Jenkins * Jenkins built-in * It is

    possible to manage slave servers up to number of hundreds
  12. Distributed Build with Jenkins It’s too easy Let me show

  13. Advance preparation * master machine * another machine login through

    ssh * both machine can build your app * installed java
  14. None
  15. Advanced Setting label Configuration of job Configuration of node rails_3_2_9

    request spec
  16. Advanced split a huge project build ↓ some more speedy

  17. Distributed build bring on many benefits for your Jenkins

  18. Happy CI!!