Eliminate RecyclerView Boilerplates

F9856cc7a15ed2cb9e6ebfab41fdf1cf?s=47 Shohei Kawano
February 15, 2017

Eliminate RecyclerView Boilerplates

Layout and RecyclerView.ViewHolder binding which uses annotation processor to eliminate RecyclerView boilerplates for Android development.

ViewHolderBinding enables you to eliminate..
- switch or if-else statements for ViewType detection
- layout inflation boilerplate codes
- casting RecyclerView.ViewHolder class for binding layouts and ViewHolders

* GitHub repository

* potatotips #37 (iOS/Android開発Tips共有会) - connpass https://potatotips.connpass.com/event/48618/


Shohei Kawano

February 15, 2017