Digital Signage with Drupal and Meteor

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August 23, 2014

Digital Signage with Drupal and Meteor

Digital signage is popping up eveywhere on small and large screens. Industries and institutions such as government, retail, and education are finding it a great way to list events, advertise specials, and display general information. Spectacle is an open source digital signage publishing system for displaying content on any screen. The content is administered by Drupal and displayed using Meteor.

This presentation will demonstrate the advantages of using Drupal for digital signage content managent and Meteor to playback scheduled content. In addition to a full demo of Spectacle, attendees will technically dive into how Drupal and Meteor are integrated using Meteor’s realtime DDP protocol (No need for old-fashioned RESTful web services). If you have been curious about Meteor in general or how Meteor and Drupal can work together to provide the best experience, this is the presentation for you.



August 23, 2014