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Mentorship Programs

Mentorship Programs

Presented at Hygge Coworking Zero Day on 2019-11-08


Mark Shropshire

November 08, 2019


  1. Mentorships Programs Zero Day at Hygge Coworking Learning, Growing &

  2. | 2 Mediacurrent is a full-service digital agency that implements

    world class open source software development, strategy and design to achieve defined goals for enterprise organizations seeking a better return on investment. Who We Are
  3. | 3 Why Mentoring?

  4. | 4 Team Feedback

  5. | 5 One of The Keys to a Healthy Team

    Service Mentorship Leadership
  6. | 6 Learn, Grow & Share Mentoring is a system

    of semi-structured guidance whereby one person shares their knowledge, skills and experience to assist others to progress in their own lives and careers. University of Cambridge
  7. | 7 Mediacurrent Mentoring

  8. | 8 Contributing to Open Source

  9. | 9 Onboarding Mentorship 6-week program (30 minute to 1

    hour meetings each week) • Processes and workflow • Best practices and expectations • Work on soft and technical skills • Setting goals to bridge over to Feedback Loops
  10. | 10 Feedback Loops

  11. | 11 Career/Growth Mentorship Feedback Loops (30 min. to 1

    hour meetings every two weeks)
  12. | 12 Skills-Based Mentorships A short 2-3 week mentorship opportunity

    to quickly gain applicable knowledge around a technical or soft skill. These mentorships help a mentee rapidly acquire a skill, while building relationships with other team members.
  13. | 13 Learn about skills outside your specific vocation or

    discipline. Become a more well-rounded team member (technical and soft skills). Acquire a new skill needed rapidly for upcoming project work. Why Skills-Based?
  14. | 14 Public Speaking Lead Architect mentors PM Agile PM

    mentors Sales Color Theory Designer mentors Marketing GatsbyJS FE Developer mentors BE Developer Estimating Senior PM mentors Lead Developer GA/GTM Digital Strategist mentors Developer Load Testing QA mentors Senior Developer Skills-Based Mentorship Examples
  15. | 15 User Personas • New prospect has interest in

    voice assistant technology integration for retail • Has desire to ramp up on: ◦ Voice UX ◦ Voice strategy ◦ Previous work by Mediacurrent in this area • Have enough background to speak to client needs and Mediacurrent services Skills-Based Mentorships Mentee Curtis Garcia Title: Enterprise Account Manager Years of Experience: 6 Mentee Goals
  16. | 16 User Personas • Voice assistant strategy • Voice

    assistant user experience • Mobile application user experience Skills-Based Mentorship Mentor Nora Wright Title: Senior Digital Strategist Years of Experience: 10 Mentor Directory
  17. | 17 Mentorship Advocacy Team support for mentorship programs

  18. | 18 Organic Mentorship Lifelong mentorship mentality

  19. Thank you! @Mediacurrent Mediacurrent.com facebook.com/mediacurrent