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MapStore Release 2021.02.00 and beyond

MapStore Release 2021.02.00 and beyond

Highlights of the 2021.02.00 release, as well as, what to expect from the next releases for MapStore.


Simone Giannecchini

December 08, 2021

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  1. What’s new in MapStore 2021.02.00 Lorenzo Natali Luis E. Bermudez

  2. GeoSolutions • Founded in 2006, offices in Italy & US

    • Our core products • Our offer Enterprise Support Services Deployment Subscription Professional Training Customized Solutions GeoNode 7th of December 2021 - Online
  3. Trusted by more than 200 clients • UN FAO (CIOK,

    FIGIS, NRL, FORESTRY, ESTG), UN WFP, World Bank, DLR, EUMETSAT, JRC, ARPAT, NATO CMRE, UNESCO, IGAD, UNEP, etc.. • BAYER, BASF, DigitalGlobe, MDA, TOPCON, SwissRE, e-GEOS, Halliburton, etc.. 7th of December 2021 - Online
  4. Industries Smart Cities Space MetOcean Defense Natural Resources OpenData Utilities

    Research Emergency Response Government 7th of December 2021 - Online
  5. Associations We strongly support Open Source, it Is in our

    core We actively participate in OGC working groups and get funded to advance new open standards We support standards critical to GEOINT 7th of December 2021 - Online
  6. Our Distinctive Traits • Lead Developers of GeoNode, GeoServer, MapStore

    and GeoNetwork • Vast experience with Raster Serving • Designed and developed JAI-Ext • Designed and developed ImageIO-Ext • Design and Developed most raster code in GeoTools/GeoServer • Vast Experience with Vector Data Serving • WFS, WMS, Vector Tiles with OGV • Extensive Experience with Spatial DBMS • Oracle, SQL Server, Postgis, MongoDB, etc.. • Extensive Experience with creating webgis applications • OpenLayers, Leaflet, Cesium, MapboxGL • Ext-JS, JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, React, Redux • Extensive Experience with OGC Protocols • Extensive Experience in Performance and Scalability (Big Data and Cloud) • Unparalleled multi-industry experience 7th of December 2021 - Online
  7. Team – Key Members 35+ Staff Members, 30+ Software Engineers

    • Andrea Aime: GeoServer Project Steering Committee, GeoTools PMC, JAI-Tools Lead, ImageIO-Ext committer • Simone Giannecchini: Founder, GeoServer PSC, GeoTools PMC, ImageIO- Ext Architect, JAI-Tools founder • Luis E. Bermudez: US CEO since 2020. 2010-2020 OGC Exec, Director of the Innovation and Compliance Programs. • Giovanni Allegri: Senior Project Manager, QGIS, GeoNode • Alessio Fabiani: Founder, GeoServer PSC, GeoTools Committer, MapStore Committer • Emanuele Tajariol: GeoServer Committer, GeoTools Committer, GeoNetwork PSC • Mauro Bartolomeoli: GeoServer Committer, GeoTools Comitter, GeoBatch Committer, MapStore Architect • Lorenzo Natali: MapStore2 Technical Lead 7th of December 2021 - Online
  8. What is MapStore? 7th of December 2021 - Online

  9. What is MapStore? It is a Product Complete GeoPortal with

    customizable look&feel 7th of December 2021 - Online
  10. What is MapStore? It is a Framework Build applications leveraging

    MapStore framework (and by developing your own plugins) 7th of December 2021 - Online denver.crime-map.info covidtrackingmap
  11. MapStore Facts • Create and share maps, charts, dashboards and

    geostories online • Mobile first | Responsive • Mapping engine agnostic • OpenLayers|Leaflet|Cesium • Leveraging React ecosystem • Pluggable Look & Feel • Consume data from many sources • OSM, Bing, WFS, CSW, WMS, WMTS • License is Simplified BSD • Commercial friendly! 7th of December 2021 - Online
  12. Who uses MapStore? • Halliburton • Austrocontrol • MapStand •

    UN FAO • EMSA • World Bank (via GeoNode) • Unesco (via GeoNode) • EARTH-I • Arno river basin authority • Region of Tuscany (Hydrologic Service) • Region of Tuscany (Urbanistic Department) • LaMMa • City of Munich • City of Florence • City of Genova • City of Bozen • City of Brussels • IGB (via GeoNode) • Rennes Metropole (via Georchestra) 7th of December 2021 - Online • GeoNode • geOrchestra
  13. Who uses MapStore? MapStand 7th of December 2021 - Online

  14. Who uses MapStore? City of Brussels 7th of December 2021

    - Online
  15. Who uses MapStore? Austrocontrol 7th of December 2021 - Online

  16. Who uses MapStore? Arno river basin authority 7th of December

    2021 - Online
  17. Who uses MapStore? City of Genova 7th of December 2021

    - Online
  18. Main Features 7th of December 2021 - Online

  19. Content management system Users can create and share contents with

    other users. They can browse their own contents and the contents shared with them in the Home page Optionally the creation of contents can be reserved only to administrators
  20. GeoSpatial Data Visualization Add data Create a Resource Share Save

    and set permissions Thanks to resources like Maps, Dashboards, GeoStories and Contexts
  21. Maps The usual mapping interface plus many ready-made tools: •

    Timeline / Elevation tools • Widgets (charts and tables) • Compare tool • Measure tool • Annotations • Visual Styler • ... Compare Measure Widgets Timeline Annotations Visual Styler
  22. Dashboards • Charts, maps, tables and more that interact each

    other • Give life to more sophisticated visualizations
  23. GeoStories • Tell compelling stories by mixing maps, videos, images,

    etc.. • Users can scroll and interact with a cool visual impact and a high level of customization
  24. Context • MapStore allows to customize the viewer with the

    tools (plugins) you need • Select standard MapStore plugin or (develop and) install your own • Maps inside MapStore can have specific tools reserved to particular use by means of Contexts
  25. Users and groups management An integrated user/group management tool and

    the possibility to integrate with LDAP, GeoServer and GeoFence to provide advanced security and resource access functionalities.
  26. Downstream Project System Start from the standard MapStore and create

    your own project, replacing whatever you want, and keeping track only of your customization (simplifying future updates). You can : • Customize Look and Feel • Create/replace pages • Configure and create your own plugins • Extend or replace the back-end with your own Well known projects like GeoNode and geOrchestra use this concept → More details here
  27. More Information • Demo http://mapstore.geo-solutions.it/ • User Docs https://mapstore.readthedocs.io/en/latest/user-guide/home-page/ •

    GitHub Repo https://github.com/geosolutions-it/MapStore2 • Dev Docs https://mapstore.readthedocs.io/en/latest/developer-guide/requirements/ • Youtube Videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLe2yzutVrnZ5tjYGYYcKmZzo_M9ku5I9X • Mailing Lists https://groups.google.com/g/mapstore-users • MapStore Online training http://training.mapstore.geosolutionsgroup.com.s3-website-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/index.html 7th of December 2021 - Online
  28. MapStore release v2021.02.00 7th of December 2021 - Online

  29. MapStore v2022.02.00 • Released October 28th 2021 • First Release

    of the 2021.02.xx series • More minor releases with bug fixes or minor features will follow 7th of December 2021 - Online
  30. 7th of December 2021 - Online New with 2021.02 -

    Context Theme • Context Theme: the application context system will be enhanced with a new step to customize the theme from UI
  31. 7th of December 2021 - Online New with 2021.02 -

    Theme Review • Review of the theme system: the support for custom themes in MapStore has been reviewed and improved to also easily override the default and to provide multiple themes to be selected for a context • Can customize on the fly using CSS variables --ms-main-bg: #333333;
  32. 7th of December 2021 - Online New with 2021.02 -

    GeoCarousel • GeoCarousel Section: GeoStory has been enhanced with a new interesting section type
  33. 7th of December 2021 - Online New with 2021.02 -

    Visual Style Editor Raster Style
  34. 7th of December 2021 - Online New with 2021.02 –

    Performance Opt. Advantages: • Reduced bundle size of 23%, 15% gizipped. • Initial page load 1 second faster • Now building MapStore do not require Gigabytes of memory and is faster. →We can remove from build NODE_OPTIONS=- -max_old_space_size=4096 Various optimization on library loading and bundle size: • tree shaking • lazy loading
  35. 7th of December 2021 - Online New with 2021.02 -

    More Improvements A lot of other minor enhancements to the existing MapStore capabilities will be included • Added the UniqueInterval classification method for both raster and vector styles • Added the classification UI manager also for raster styles • Improved the GeoLocate tool • Enhanced Catalog advanced options • Added autocomplete for cross layer filtering • Added the catalog service selector also for dashboards • ...and more and more
  36. Ongoing work 7th of December 2021 - Online

  37. 7th of December 2021 - Online Expected 2022.Q1 - MapStore

    projects Brand New project system • No need to clone MapStore, only use `npx` • Reduces the boilerplate to minimal ◦ Less files to maintain ◦ No git sub-module for MapStore ◦ Convention over configuration strategy ◦ Easier migration for future versions ◦ Same tool for Extensions and Projects $ npx mapstore-project create [..] - Name of project (default mapstore-project): custom-project - Include backend (yes/no default yes): yes - Optional features (printing, ldap): printing - Run npm install after creation setup (yes/no default yes): yes create project - success $ cd custom-project $ tree custom-project/ ├── assets │ └── img │ └── favicon.ico ├── build.sh ├── configs │ ├── newgeostory.json │ └── new.json ├── java │ ├── pom.xml │ ├── services │ │ ├── pom.xml │ │ └── src │ └── web └── [...] │ ├── pom.xml │ └── src ├── js └── [...] │ └── apps │ ├── embedded.jsx │ ├── mapstore.jsx │ └── ms2-api.js ├── package.json ├── package-lock.json ├── themes │ └── default │ ├── theme.less │ └── variables.less ├── translations │ ├── data.de-DE.json │ ├── data.en-US.json │ ├── data.es-ES.json │ ├── data.fr-FR.json │ └── data.it-IT.json └── version.txt
  38. 7th of December 2021 - Online Expected 2022.Q1 - 3D

    Tiles • 3D Tiles support: we are planning the inclusion of the 3D Tiles support in MapStore • Cesium update to latest version • UI/Configuration support to add/load 3D tiles layers in Cesium map • Styling support for 3D tiles
  39. 7th of December 2021 - Online Exp. 2022.Q2 – Perform.

    Improvements Speed Up first page load by: • including only the libraries effectively needed for the current page • Speed up theme loading and remove bottlenecks
  40. News Channels Check out the updated User and Developer guides

    of the release v2021.02.00 https://mapstore.readthedocs.io/en/v2021.02.00/user- guide/home-page/ https://mapstore.readthedocs.io/en/v2021.02.00/developer- guide/requirements/ 7th of December 2021 - Online
  41. That’s all folks! Questions? info@geosolutionsgroup.com 7th of December 2021 -