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State of MapStore Q1 2021

State of MapStore Q1 2021

Webinar from GeoSolutions on the recent MapStore 2021.01.00 release. Learn about enhancements related to annotations, visual style editor, asynchronous export, map comparison tools, dashboards, charts, extensions, and more.

Simone Giannecchini

March 04, 2021

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  1. GeoSolutions • Founded in 2006, offices in Italy & US

    • Our core products • Our offer Enterprise Support Services Deployment Subscription Professional Training Customized Solutions GeoNode 3° of March 2021 - Online
  2. Trusted by more than 200 clients • UN FAO (CIOK,

    FIGIS, NRL, FORESTRY, ESTG), UN WFP, World Bank, DLR, EUMETSAT, JRC, ARPAT, NATO CMRE, UNESCO, IGAD, UNEP, etc.. • BAYER, BASF, DigitalGlobe, MDA, TOPCON, SwissRE, e-GEOS, Halliburton, etc.. 3° of March 2021 - Online
  3. Industries Smart Cities Space MetOcean Defense Natural Resources OpenData Utilities

    Research Emergency Response Government 3° of March 2021 - Online
  4. Associations We strongly support Open Source, it Is in our

    core We actively participate in OGC working groups and get funded to advance new open standards We support standards critical to GEOINT 3° of March 2021 - Online
  5. Our Distinctive Traits • Lead Developers of GeoNode, GeoServer, MapStore

    and GeoNetwork • Vast experience with Raster Serving • Designed and developed JAI-Ext • Designed and developed ImageIO-Ext • Design and Developed most raster code in GeoTools/GeoServer • Vast Experience with Vector Data Serving • WFS, WMS, Vector Tiles with OGV • Extensive Experience with Spatial DBMS • Oracle, SQL Server, Postgis, MongoDB, etc.. • Extensive Experience with creating webgis applications • OpenLayers, Leaflet, Cesium, MapboxGL • Ext-JS, JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, React, Redux • Extensive Experience with OGC Protocols • Extensive Experience in Performance and Scalability (Big Data and Cloud) • Unparalleled multi-industry experience 3° of March 2021 - Online
  6. Team – Key Members 25+ Staff Members, 15+ Software Engineers

    • Andrea Aime: GeoServer Project Steering Committee, GeoTools PMC, JAI-Tools Lead, ImageIO-Ext committer • Simone Giannecchini: Founder, GeoServer PSC, GeoTools PMC, ImageIO-Ext Architect, JAI-Tools founder • Luis E. Bermudez: US CEO since 2020. 2010-2020 OGC Exec, Director of the Innovation and Compliance Programs. • Giovanni Allegri: Senior Project Manager, QGIS, GeoNode • Alessio Fabiani: Founder, GeoServer PSC, GeoTools Committer, MapStore Committer • Emanuele Tajariol: GeoServer Committer, GeoTools Committer, GeoNetwork PSC • Mauro Bartolomeoli: GeoServer Committer, GeoTools Comitter, GeoBatch Committer, MapStore Architect • Lorenzo Natali: MapStore2 Technical Lead 3° of March 2021 - Online
  7. What is MapStore? • Create and share maps, charts, dashboards

    and stories online • Mobile first | Responsive • Mapping engine agnostic • OpenLayers|Leaflet|Cesium • Leveraging React ecosystem • Pluggable Look & Feel • Consume data from many sources • OSM, Bing, WFS, CSW, WMS, WMTS • License is Simplified BSD • Commercial friendly! 3° of March 2021 - Online
  8. What is MapStore? It is a Product Use it as

    is and customize the look&feel 3° of March 2021 - Online
  9. What is MapStore? It is a Framework You can build

    many different applications with its plugins (and by developing your own) covidtrackingmap 3° of March 2021 - Online
  10. Who uses MapStore? • Halliburton • Austrocontrol • MapStand •

    UN FAO • EMSA • World Bank (via GeoNode) • Unesco (via GeoNode) • EARTH-IArno river basin authority • Region of Tuscany (Hydrologic Service) • Region of Tuscany (Urbanistic Department) • LaMMa • City of Munich • City of Florence • City of Genova • City of Bozen • City of Brussels • IGB (via GeoNode) • Rennes Metropole (via Georchestra) 3° of March 2021 - Online
  11. More Info • Demo • User Docs • GitHub Repo

    • Dev Docs • Youtube Videos • Mailing Lists 3° of March 2021 - Online
  12. MapStore v2021.01.00 • Released January 25th 2021 • First Release

    of the 2021.01.xx series • 2021.01.xx get 2 more releases mostly with bug fixes 3° of March 2021 - Online
  13. Annotations Main Features of this release are • Annotation tool:

    the Annotation tool has been re-designed to provide an improved user interface Check out the blog post too! 3° of March 2021 - Online
  14. Annotations • More functionalities are available Turn on and off

    visibility of a single annotation or zoom to it directly from the annotations main view! 3° of March 2021 - Online
  15. Annotations • Everything in the same view Add geometries Edit

    title and description Edit geometry coordinates from a side panel (or map). Styling the annotation all in the same view 3° of March 2021 - Online
  16. Visual Style Editor Main Features of this release are •

    Visual Style Editor: the Style Editor tool has been improved through an editor UI to improve the user experience on editing and creating new styles Check out the blog post too! 3° of March 2021 - Online
  17. Visual Style Editor Switch to SLD/CSS textual editor, for refinements

    For vector layer, you can select several style rules types • Marker • Icon • Line • Polygon • Text Each rule you add has a card where to configure options Cards can be dragged up and down to define the order 3° of March 2021 - Online
  18. Visual Style Editor For each rule you can define a

    filter and a scale denominators to determine if apply the rule. 3° of March 2021 - Online
  19. Visual Style Editor Each Rule has several options (depending on

    the type). Using SLD Service Extension on GeoServer the Style Editor of MapStore can generate color classifications for point, line, polygon and text rules in a few seconds for you. 3° of March 2021 - Online
  20. Visual Style Editor The user can select: • The attribute

    to use for classification • The number of intervals (colors) • The method to use to classify (querying the real data) • Quantile • Natural breaks • Equal interval • Standard Deviation 3° of March 2021 - Online
  21. Visual Style Editor Colors for classification can be selected from

    a big set of predefined color ramps Fine tuning of colors and value intervals of the attribute where to apply the color can be done here 3° of March 2021 - Online
  22. Visual Style Editor Icon (image from the web) rules allow

    to use images for points on map Mark (predefined shapes) rules are almost same of icons, but with predefined symbols. They support classification 3° of March 2021 - Online
  23. Visual Style Editor Polygon rules can also use marks or

    icons as pattern to fill polygons 3° of March 2021 - Online
  24. Visual Style Editor Text rules allow to add labels (custom

    or from an attribute) and define various options, like color, fonts... 3° of March 2021 - Online
  25. Visual Style Editor For raster layers you will have raster

    rules These rules have options for • Single band • RGB bands • Pseudo color (For multi-band, WCS must be enabled) 3° of March 2021 - Online
  26. Asynchronous Export Export tool allow to export raster and vector

    data from the layer. Selecting the layer in TOC and clicking on this button the tool will open 3° of March 2021 - Online
  27. Asynchronous Export If the WPS Download Service is available in

    GeoServer, the new tool will show a window, with different options available for both raster and vector layers For Raster Layers For Vector Layers 3° of March 2021 - Online
  28. Asynchronous Export For Raster Layers For Vector Layers Also formats

    are different for the two cases (it can be configured) 3° of March 2021 - Online
  29. Asynchronous Export The Download service will prepare the data. The

    List of pending and complete exports is available from this button in the footer 3° of March 2021 - Online
  30. Compare Tool The Compare tool allows to compare layers. You

    can activate it selecting one layer in TOC and clicking on the Compare tool button 3° of March 2021 - Online
  31. Compare Tool On the right you can see the layer

    selected, on the left the other layers available in map. You can drag the slider to resize the two sections 3° of March 2021 - Online
  32. Compare Tool From the menu you can switch to Spyglass

    mode, that allow you to compare using a spyglass moving the mouse on the map. You can also configure the tools to set up the radius of the spyglass or the orientation of swipe (horizontal, vertical) 3° of March 2021 - Online
  33. Minor Features 3° of March 2021 - Online Charts Using

    PlotlyJS A lot of new options • Time charts • Label formatting • Formulas • Axis customizations • Support WFS only services (WPS provides aggregation options) All the tools and the power of PlotlyJS !
  34. Minor Features Multiple selection: • Append to selection using CTRL

    + click • Drag selection using ALT + drag • Append with drag selection with CTRL + ALT + drag Editing multiple lines at the same time 3° of March 2021 - Online
  35. Minor Features Bookmarks • Edit bookmarks for relevant map locations!

    You can quickly search and configure them using the user interface 3° of March 2021 - Online
  36. Minor Features Identify tool • Look and Feel improved •

    You can select the layer from the dropdown menu to see related Info 3° of March 2021 - Online
  37. Minor Features Layer Settings • Configure WMS Layer tile size

    and legend size 3° of March 2021 - Online
  38. Minor Features Map Details Allow to show descriptive text on

    map. It is possible to choose between two view modes: side panel or modal window 3° of March 2021 - Online
  39. Minor Features Share Tool More options to share a point,

    with a placemark 3° of March 2021 - Online
  40. News For Developers Extensions system has been improved using WebPack

    5 Module Federation • Sample projects: the developers can start from a sample project and follow the instructions on the readme to create their own. • Versioning: now you can hold the extension in a separated from MapStore • Easy to test/build/deploy: you can run `npm start` to test it locally, `npm run ext:build` to create your extension zip file, ready to install npm run ext:build 3° of March 2021 - Online
  41. News For Developers Some notes on Extensions: • Extensions allow

    to develop a single plugin to be deployed in a running instance. They need the data directory (supported only by custom projects now) to keep the extension a cross updates. They include their own translations files and images See the README of the MapStore Extension project for more info. https://github.com/geosolutions-it/MapStoreExtension 3° of March 2021 - Online
  42. News For Developers Check out the updated User and Developer

    guides of the release v2021.01.00 https://mapstore.readthedocs.io/en/v2021.01.00/user-guide/ home-page/ https://mapstore.readthedocs.io/en/v2021.01.00/developer- guide/requirements/ 3° of March 2021 - Online
  43. Ongoing work For the next major release we are working

    on the following main improvements • Downstream projects: we are working on a new project system that helps to maintain and update existing projects and new ones. We are going to separate gradually the core from the product to have the core library in npm package(s) • Performances: we want to reduce the loading time at startup by reviewing and reducing the bundle size. We also want to optimize build time and resource consumption 3° of March 2021 - Online