2013 International Space Apps Challenge Final Results

2013 International Space Apps Challenge Final Results

A presentation about the results from the 2013 International Space Apps Challenge.



May 28, 2013


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  2. Nicholas Skytland & Ali Llewellyn

  3. Our mission is to accelerate breakthroughs by helping innovators at

    NASA identify, explore and apply emerging opportunities on the edge of business and technology in order to solve our toughest challenges. Open Innovation Program
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  6. The International Space Apps Challenge embraces collaborative problem solving with

    a goal of producing relevant open- source solutions to improve life on Earth and life in space.!
  7. Big Questions

  8. Creative People

  9. Collaborative Approach

  10. Compelling Solutions

  11. 83 Locations In 44 countries, online, and beyond

  12. 83 Hours Starting on Friday April 19 in Abu Dhabi

    and ending Sunday April 21 in Hawaii
  13. 58 Challenges Software, hardware, data visualization and citizen science

  14. 474 Partners Including 5 international space agencies and 6 US

    government agencies
  15. 9,147 New Explorers 2,200 virtual developers, designers, and scientists

  16. 770 Solutions 180 submitted by virtual teams

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  18. Highlights

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  22. Highlighted Apps

  23. ISS Base Station uses augmented reality on your mobile device

    to show the location of the ISS in the sky. Users can then tweet photos they take of the station. http://spaceappschallenge.org/project/iss-base-station/
  24. T-10 alerts astronauts on the ISS when conditions are good

    to photograph Earth based on location and real-time weather data. http://spaceappschallenge.org/project/t-10/
  25. EarthKam Explorer provides a web-based 3D exploration of satellite images

    taken by middle school students through the ISS EarthKam program. http://spaceappschallenge.org/project/earthkam-explorer/
  26. Key Take-Aways

  27. Mass Collaboration Working together to solve mission needs

  28. Community Tapping into the capacity of the global community

  29. Challenges Engaging and empowering people and projects

  30. Solutions Incentivizing innovation and technology development

  31. spaceappschallenge.org

  32. Thank You

  33. None
  34. Examples

  35. Sol is the world’s first interplanetary weather app. The app

    integrates weather data from the Curiosity rover on Mars with weather data from Earth. http://spaceappschallenge.org/project/sol/
  36. {MAAS} API is an open source REST API built to

    help make it easier and more efficient to build interactive applications that want to utilize the wealth of weather data being transmitted by the Curiosity Rover on Mars. http://marsweather.ingenology.com/
  37. M is a super simple web app displaying past and

    present weather data and comparison to users current location earth. http://spaceappschallenge.org/project/m/
  38. Mars Watchtower is an exploration of the most recent Mars

    weather data from the Curiosity Rover. http://spaceappschallenge.org/project/mars-watchtower/
  39. Inbound displays, in an abstract manner, the frequency Earth is

    bombarded by coronal mass ejections emanating from the Sun. http://spaceappschallenge.org/project/inbound/
  40. Museum of Intergalactic Species tours the highlights of the Voyager

    1 through interactive story telling. http://spaceappschallenge.org/project/the-voyager/
  41. Asterank is an accurate interactive visualization of our inner solar

    system and Near- Earth Asteroids that evaluates economic prospects of mining the 600,000 asteroids. http://asterank.com
  42. Stellar Stuff is an interactive educational application to help kids

    explore and understand how NASA research has impacted our lives. http://www.nasastellarstuff.com
  43. Telescope Schedules is a visualization of space-based telescope observations to

    help you discover what the world’s telescopes are observing. http://telescope-schedules.joodesign.co.uk
  44. Way Station helps connect astronauts on the International Space Station

    and everyday people through images and twitter updates. http://www.stormpixel.com/waystation/
  45. Salosa plans for the structure of the lander, as well

    as the overall mission plan, for a highly modular mobile laboratory to enable exploration of the surface of other worlds. http://spaceappschallenge.org/project/salsola/
  46. WebRover1 is a mobile accessible web interface for Lego Rovers

    that allows you to drive your rover from anywhere in the world. http://legorovers.tumblr.com
  47. Hundreds of Youth designed and printed an alien life form

    in 3D, used actual sounds from deep space to create a sound track and combined space with origami! http://spaceappschallenge.org/youth/