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Disruptive by Design

Disruptive by Design

A presentation given in Melbourne and Sydney on how to harness the power of open innovation, data and technology to reform business and government. This talk highlights how organizations can use a more participatory and decentralized approach to innovation in order to collaborate on a massive scale to make a massive impact.



May 15, 2014


  1. disruptive by design

  2. scaling open collaboration across borders a story about to bring

    about paradigm shifting innovation
  3. nicholas skytland

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  8. exploration is really the Frank Borman, Astronaut, Apollo 8 essence

    of the human spirit
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  11. catalyst for innovation a mandate is to use openness to

    drive the way we work and how we think  
  12. emerging opportunities identify, explore and apply to accelerate breakthrough s

    our mission by helping innovators on the edge of business and technology In order to solve our toughest challenges
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  14. …every man…feels that he is a participator in the government

    of affairs, not merely at an election one day in the year, but every day   Thomas  Jefferson,  President,  1812  
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  16. participatory democracy

  17. mass collaboration competition produces different results than collaboration  

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  32. Together, they move those solutions to implementation and impact Volunteers

    work on open technology solutions Subject matter experts define the problems how it works
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  37. 6,000 people 45 cities, 35 countries

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  39. sheltr.org

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  45. None
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  48. 2,000 people 25 cities, 17 countries

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  61. 8,000 people 95 cities, # countries

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  63. public agencies must find groups of people, bring them together

    around an issue or problem that needs to be fixed, then step out of the way and let the collective energy of the people in the room come together and really take that data and solve things in creative and imaginative ways that we would never have done ourselves Chris Vein, Former Deputy United States Chief Technology Officer for Government Innovation
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  66. 11,000 people 96 cities, 1 country

  67. to improve our communities and the governments that serve them





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  74. 15,000 people 115 cities, 10 countries

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  76. more with less a few observations shifting expectations technology experimentation

    erasing boundaries
  77. cost savings the value aggregating cognitive surplus sourcing innovation experimentation

    civic participation positive public perception increased transparency
  78. your ideas are potent a single idea from the human

    mind can change the world so be flexible be visionary and re-write all the rules
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