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Global Trends in Coworking

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August 08, 2013

Global Trends in Coworking

A short presentation at NASA Johnson Space Center to the Center Operations Directorate discussing a) the results of the 2013 Global Coworking Survey, b) NASA's premier coworking pilot, the 1958 collaborative space and c) potential applications of global coworking trends to NASA's mission.



August 08, 2013


  1. Coworking! Global Trends in

  2. Coworking spaces are shared working environments that encourage collaboration. They

    focus not only on the physical space, but also about the development of a dynamic, interactive community.
  3. “Coworking hinges on the belief that innovation and inspiration come

    from cross pollination of different people in different fields or specializations. Random opportunities and discoveries that arise from interactions with others – also dubbed ‘accelerated serendipity’ – play a large role in coworking.” (Working in the UnOffice, Night Owls Press)
  4. The future of coworking and why it will give your

    organization an edge: Coworking By The Numbers. (Deskmag’s annual Global Coworking Survey)
  5. More than 110,000 people currently work in one of the

    nearly 2,500 coworking spaces available worldwide.
  6. None
  7. Between 33% and 50% of today’s workforce are flexible and

  8. 50% of all coworkers access their work space around the

  9. 62% said their standard of work had improved in a

    coworking space.
  10. 64% of coworkers are better able to complete tasks on

  11. 71% report a boost in creativity since joining a coworking

  12. 1958 is a unique co-working experiment at the Johnson Space

    Center. Located in B35 adjacent to JSC’s Acceleration Center, it was inspired by Chicago’s 1871 co-working center for digital startups.
  13. 1958 provides multi-purpose, reconfigurable rooms to support conversations, quiet work,

    team meetings, small retreats, and free flowing ideas.
  14. What: Shared Office Space

  15. How: Collaboration, Community and Co-creating

  16. Why: Incubation and Implementation

  17. Coworking! Global Trends in