Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Objective-C in the Age of Swift

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Objective-C in the Age of Swift

Everyone seems to love Swift, Apple’s jack-of-all-trades language of the future, but what about Objective-C, everyone’s favorite oddball? Are we destined to trade in our square brackets for a language whose syntax is more generic? Well, probably. But in the meantime, especially for those of us with apps that still target older iOS and OS X versions, the arrival of Swift has ushered in a new set of possibilities for our Objective-C code. Lightweight generics, nullability annotations, and other new features allow us to jazz up our existing code, make our intentions more clear, and make it easier for those newfangled Swift developers to use our code. In this talk, we’ll cover these new additions to the language, learning how our Objective-C code is made better by them. Then, we’ll look at how these new features impact the Swift side of our code, with live previews of the Swift interface as we add them to our classes. When you leave, your Objective-C code will still be Objective-C, but it’ll have a little more spring in its next step.


Jeff Kelley

May 20, 2016