A Mobile App Success Starter Pack

A Mobile App Success Starter Pack

When you’re pitching a mobile app to a prospective client, it’s easy to focus on the app’s raison d’être. A pizza-ordering app should order pizza, a messaging app should send messages, and a game should be fun. For an app to succeed, there are countless other hidden tasks to consider: does your app respond well to poor network connectivity? Is it always clear when it’s waiting on network communication? What happens when you ship the app but need to prevent users from using a broken version? In this talk we’ll look at common examples of the unspoken assumptions made when creating apps—assumptions that clients may have, assumptions users definitely have, and the things no app should leave an App Store without. Using these critical features as a guide, you’ll be better prepared to estimate project length and deliver amazing (and successful) apps.


Jeff Kelley

January 09, 2020