Speaker Deck

Android 101 for iOS Developers

by Stephen Barnes

Published August 19, 2015 in Programming

Interested in Android development but unsure what to make of things like “Activity”, “Fragment”, and “Intent”? Don’t worry, you can take the skills you have learned creating iOS apps and apply them to Android. In this talk, we will cover the basics of Android development from the perspective of iOS Development. This talk will compare UITableViews to ListViews and Activities to View Controllers, and give examples of how they compare to each other. It will also cover some of the UI and UX differences between Android and iOS and how to make your Android app feel at home. Finally, this talk will teach you how to store and send data in Android without access to Core Data, and it will also show you how to leverage Android’s layout system without the familiarity of Xcode’s Interface Builder.

Sample code is available via GitHub - https://github.com/smbarne/AndroidForiOS.