The Art of Building Reusable UI

The Art of Building Reusable UI

The need or desire to build a great user interface doesn’t happen once; it happens over and over again. Finding a way to build great reusable UI components and consistently deliver awesome user experiences is an art form.

In this talk, we will discuss three major areas of this art form and how to succeed in building a great UI every time:

Rules for UI Design

Consistency and platform rules
- Building a reusable UI component: when and why
- Creating a clear, friendly API

Exposing elements: what is important and what isn't
- Creating interfaces that encapsulate logic
- Default styles and allowing easy style changes
- Tips for Android: structuring your API and utilizing XML

Building reusable, extensible layouts
- What to use as a parent view type
- Design patterns for reusable UI components
- Observable data structures to make your life easier

Let's get inspired to create something worth using everywhere!

Note: You should be comfortable with using Android UI components and editing layouts. Sample project available via GitHub -


Stephen Barnes

August 07, 2015