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Lyft iOS tooling infrastructure summary 2022

Keith Smiley
September 28, 2022

Lyft iOS tooling infrastructure summary 2022

Keith Smiley

September 28, 2022

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  2. Scale
    ● 9 apps
    ● 100% Swift since 2015 rewrite
    ● ~1.5m lines of app code
    ● ~600k lines of test code
    ● Another ~1m lines of generated code
    ● Split across ~2500 different modules
    ● ~140 committers per month
    ● ~230 commits per week
    ● ~2 tooling engineers

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  3. Continuous Integration
    ● 100 ~85 Intel / ~10 M1 Mac Minis, many AWS Linux containers
    ● Macs are Bare Metal, managed with ARD
    ● Piloting AWS Mac Minis
    ● Buildkite, generated pipelines for many parallel jobs
    ● Xcode upgrades performed quickly, single version supported
    ● Linux CI managed with k8s, runs linters, some Swift
    ● macOS upgrades performed as needed for Xcode

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  4. Build Speed
    CI (Build + Test)
    ● P50: 15 min (~2x slower last year)
    ● P95: 30 min (~2x slower last year)
    ● Slowdown mostly due to more tests
    Local (Build)
    ● Average* build**: ~40s (~1.5 faster than last year)
    ● Still trying to push dev apps
    ● All devs on M1 Max machines now

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  6. Tooling
    ● IDE: Xcode with custom XcodeGen based bazel integration
    ● Build System: Bazel (now on Android too!) with rules_apple &
    rules_swift (since early 2019)
    ● Dependency Management: Bazel + Artifactory with custom
    BUILD files
    ● Caching / Limited remote exec: BuildBuddy
    ● Testing: XCTest & XCUITest

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  7. ● LLD: ~2x faster than ld64 even after Xcode 14 improvements
    ● Crossplatform Rust: Low level shared libraries, replacement
    for C++ (🙊) in some cases
    ● Natively supporting arm64 simulator: Surprising number of
    issues, Snapshot tests, OpenGL map SDKs, Bazel caching
    ● Automated provisioning profile management: Using the App
    Store Connect API directly
    ● Dead Code detection blocking PRs
    ● Swift incremental support: Still too slow, >3x clean build
    times, faster in specific cases
    ● M1s
    Recent Updates

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  8. Pain Points & Plans
    ● Builds times increasing: More dev apps
    ● CI machines reaching EOL: Replacing with AWS
    ● More longer running UI tests: Aggressive sharding
    ● Increasing amount of cross platform code: Improve
    crossplatorm devx
    ● Nearing the end of clear wins: ???

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  9. ● AWS Mac Minis: Get out of the business of hosting hardware
    ● Swift LTO: Some existing bugs, potential nice app size win
    ● Improved IDE experience: Moving to rules_xcodeproj
    ● Unifying more devx between iOS and Android
    ● Remote exec? Still backburner
    Future plans

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  10. Questions?

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