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Good Luck With That: Tag Teaming Civic Data

Good Luck With That: Tag Teaming Civic Data

Speakers: Liz Rush, Hsing-Hui Hsu

In this end-to-end discussion about the challenges with civic data, from no-documentation & incomplete government code to figuring out how to scale data-driven SOA, we'll show you how two Ruby newbies managed to create an awesomely useful parking app in just four weeks. For those new to coding, or experienced devs looking to work with civic data, we'll show you our roadmap as well as what we learned pairing as two junior developers just starting out in the big bad world of programming.


Hsing-Hui Hsu

November 21, 2014

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  2. “““REAL DEVELOPER™”””

  3. Developer

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  5. Hsing-Hui

  6. Liz Hsing-Hui

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  12. Liz Hsing-Hui Seattle Government Guy

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  17. Seattle Gov’t Guy

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  20. You found an abandoned wagon, but there was nothing to

    be scavenged.
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  29. Liz Hsing-Hui Seattle Government Guy John

  30. You must cross the river to continue. You chose to

    have guides help you cross the river.
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  32. Emigrants from the east often rendezvous to form wagon trains.

    They stock up on supplies and get information about the journey. You meet locals and share your travels with other pioneers.
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  43. The final leg of your journey is a trip down

    the Columbia River. You've built a raft and loaded your wagon, computers and oxen aboard.
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  49. Congratulations! You’ve made it through the arduous journey!

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