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The UX Portfolio Workshop: Roll Up Your Sleeves, We’re Getting Past “Portfolio Creator’s Block”

Michelle Chin
October 09, 2015

The UX Portfolio Workshop: Roll Up Your Sleeves, We’re Getting Past “Portfolio Creator’s Block”

These are the slides from the sold out UX Portfolio workshop I facilitated at UXDC15 in Washington, DC on 10/9/15. The slides are mostly for visual purposes around the content that I talk about. If you're interested in having a portfolio workshop conducted for your organization or conference, feel free to contact me!

Michelle Chin

October 09, 2015

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  1. UX PORTFOLIO WORKSHOP: by Michelle T. Chin | @soysaucechin #UXDC2015

    | #UXPortfolio Roll up your sleeves, we’re getting past “Portfolio Creator’s Block”!
  2. WHO ARE YOU? • Transitioning to a UX career •

    Looking for a new job • Adding credibility to your career
  3. WHY A PORTFOLIO? It’s your key to unlocking an opportunity.

    Hiring Managers use your portfolio as a way to gauge your skill set and abilities.
  4. STEP 1: WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? What kind of work

    do you want to do? (UX/interaction designer, user researcher, full time, contract)
  5. WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? Where do you want to work?

    (Enterprise company, in-house, agency, government, non-profit)
  6. EXAMPLE GOALS I’m creating a UX portfolio because: • I’m

    a graphic designer that wants to become a UXer for a non-profit association. • I’m ready to advance my UX career. • I want to work for an in-house company on mobile products. The more concrete, the better!
  7. ACTIVITY: WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? Take a few minutes to

    determine your goal. • What kind of work do you want to do? • Where do you want to work? • Anything else?
  8. ACTIVITY: INVENTORY • Write down projects you’ve done relevant to

    your goal - strive for five! • Projects from start to finish • Projects that involved UX process ABC Website Acme iPhone App Shutter Photography Site
  9. ACTIVITY: INVENTORY • On the back of each index card,

    list the UX activities you did for each project
 • Use the checklist as a guide • Complete the checklist - what have or haven’t you done yet? •Info Arch. •Wireframes •User testing
  10. ACTIVITY: INVENTORY • Do you have the contents? •Info Architecture

    - No •Wireframes - Yes •User testing - Yes
  11. ACTIVITY: INVENTORY • Are these projects really your best work?

    • Are they really relevant to your goal? Uncle Bob’s Blog NASA.gov Biking App Cooklite Calorie Counter App

    to work on mobile apps… but all my UX experience is with websites. “I need to demonstrate mobile UX experience.”
  13. INVENTORY: MISSING PROJECT There’s no shame in taking the time

    to practice your UX skills and demonstrating a great job.

    could be your “client”?
  15. PART 1: LEARN THE SKILLS Give yourself a project that

    allows you to practice the skills. Image: http://bitmethod.com/blog/book- review-a-project-guide-to-ux-design A Project Guide to UX Design by Russ Unger and Carolyn Chandler
  16. PART 2: WORK ON A REAL PROJECT Practice those skills

    in a real environment. Sneak them into your current job.
  17. ACTIVITY: WHAT ARE YOU GAPS? • On index cards: What

    are the projects missing in your portfolio? • On the checklist: What are the skills you need to learn or improve? • On the worksheet: What are some ideas for projects where I can practice these skills?
  18. ARCHITECTURE By topic (e.g., mobile, user research, etc.) Project A

    Project B Project C Project D Project E Project F Mobile Website Software
  19. ARCHITECTURE By the project’s lifecycle Project A Project B Project

    C Project D Project E Project F Discovery Concepting Prototyping
  20. WHAT NOW? • Use the workshop materials as a guide

    moving forward • Gather materials for the projects you have • Work in small chunks • Iterate, iterate, iterate!
  21. DON’T FORGET • The Golden Rule: Let it go. •

    You are what you present. • Iterate; maintain. • Stay in touch with the folks you meet today. • Complete the eval, please!
  22. REFERENCES • A Project Guide to UX Design: For user

    experience designers in the field or in the making (2nd Ed.) by Russ Unger and Carolyn Chandler
 • Examples of Portfolios: • Jess Hang: http://portfolio.jesshang.com/ • Tyler Womak: http://portfolio.tylerwomack.com/ • Simon Pan: http://simonpan.com/