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Custom Presentation URLs

Custom Presentation URLs

Edit your presentation URL to be more description or memorable.

Speaker Deck

January 22, 2022

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  1. Custom URLs Change your presentation URL to be more memorable.

  2. Ever feel like the URL is a long mess? https://speakerdeck.com/speakerdeck/my-first-upload-which-super-cool-and-long-and-

  3. Now you can edit the URL to be more descriptive.

  4. Navigate to the Edit Deck page and enter in your

    custom text.
  5. How do you enable this feature? Upgrade to PRO and

    join the growing community of thought leaders. PRO
  6. Other PRO feature’s you’ll enjoy: Collections Custom Slide Notes Password

    Protected Presentations Private URL Presentations Priority Uploads Hide Branding on Embedded Presentations Disallow Downloads Unlimited Uploads …and more!
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