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Reactive Web Architectures

Reactive Web Architectures

Dynatrace Brown-Bag Session

SQUER Solutions

September 24, 2020

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  1. The relationship between them is implicit, an idea that only

    exists in the mind of the programmers. It should be explicit, a part of the language, and existing for all time. Counter and Double should be bound. = the Destiny Operator
  2. Stream Caller Receiver Caller Receiver propagate change observe change trigger

    change directly The reactive programming paradigm is based on asynchronous streams which propagate change. This differs from imperative programming, where statements are used to change a program’s state.
  3. UserImage . Username Click Stream User Data Stream Error Stream

    Error Panel observes observes Http Service
  4. We support Back-Pressure Stream Provider Consumer events are stored until

    consumed Stream Provider Consumer A Consumer C Consumer B scaling out consumers We can scale-out by Location Transparency
  5. Lambda A Lambda B Lambda C Client Event Stream BFF

    Hydration Stateful 3 Factor Architecture Factor #1: Realtime GraphQL Factor #2: Reliable eventing Factor #3: Async serverless
  6. This stuff is cool, but think twice (!) if reactive

    architectures really fit your problem at hand.