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MongoDB and Windows Azure

MongoDB and Windows Azure

Presented at Mongo Seattle 2012 with Doug Mahugh

Sridhar Nanjundeswaran

September 14, 2012

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  1. MongoDB and Windows Azure Doug Mahugh Senior Technical Evangelist Microsoft

    Open Technologies, Inc. Sridhar Nanjundeswaran Software Engineer 10gen
  2. Virtual Machine Sizes VM Size CPU Cores Memory Bandwidth (Mbps)

    # Data Disks Extra Small Shared 768 MB 5 1 Small 1 1.75 GB 100 2 Medium 2 3.5 GB 200 4 Large 4 7 GB 400 8 Extra Large 8 14 GB 800 16
  3. Replica set hosted on Windows Azure worker roles or virtual

    machines Replica Set Driver Your Application Replica Sets: high availability
  4. Shards and mongos (router) hosted on Windows Azure worker roles

    or virtual machines Key range A-B Sharding: high scalability and throughput Key range B-C Key range C-D Key range D-E Mongos (router) Your Application
  5. MongoDB + Windows Azure benefits Flexible • PaaS or IaaS

    deployment • Java, PHP, Node.JS, .NET, or Python • Many OS options including Windows Server, CentOS, Ubuntu, SUSE Scalable • MongoDB’s built-in support for horizontal scaling and sharding • Windows Azure’s built-in support for responsive auto-scaling MongoDB on Windows Azure provides all the benefits customers have come to expect from cloud computing: elasticity, on-demand capacity, faster time to market, and pay-for-what-you-use pricing
  6. azure topic verb options Command Line Syntax Overview prompt> account

    account location account affinity-group vm vm disk vm endpoint vm image service service cert site config download import list show delete start restart shutdown capture create attach detach browse set username password dns-prefix vm-name lb-port target-image-name source-path disk-image-name size-in-gb thumbprint value -v -vv
  7. DEMO-PaaS Monitoring service: http://beefb1a5abb743f086e57c5f7bf5d3cf.cloudapp.net/ App deployed with the MongoDB Replica

    Set wrapper for Windows Azure http://beefb1a5abb743f086e57c5f7bf5d3cf.cloudapp.net:8080/
  8. DEMO-IaaS Local MongoDB instance mongo-demo.php?host=localhost Replica set on Linux VMs

    mongo-demo.php?host=linux Replica set on Windows VMs mongo-demo.php?host=windows
  9. Q&A