DevOps From a Different Data Set

DevOps From a Different Data Set

What can you learn about DevOps and software delivery practices by looking at data from a platform with more than 300,000 developers, 25,000 organizations and 25+ million builds per month? I wanted to find out. As an author of State of DevOps Report in 2018, I was very interested in this new data set from a large SaaS developer platform. What items pop out from the data? Are they different than what is seen through surveys where responders opt-in to participating vs. being aggregated through platform usage? Additionally, does the data validate assertions from State of DevOps Reports of years past about batch sizes, trunk development, and team size?

I’ll cover a view into anonymized team data to share insights, behaviors, and metrics that help teams build better software, faster from millions of builds, and look into characteristics of success that we can measure through our data. Then I’ll overlay that onto what we’ve found through survey data and point out confirmed actions that improve delivery flow, and open up some counter points to what we’ve seen so far.


Michael Stahnke

October 09, 2019