How to choose a company to work for

How to choose a company to work for

I've had the chance to speak to the remote HackReactor class yesterday about how to find a company to work for when they graduate.

I usually don't like to publish slide decks without all the context of the talk, but don't really have time for more.

In the talk I explained how the choice of company is really the biggest thing that matters, as well as how to determine which companies are on a breakout trajectory. It's usually fairly easy to do.

There's an example where someone asked me which company to join in late 2010, and Airbnb was the top pick even just after their series A.

When I was looking for companies to join, I interviewed at Stripe and AngelList 4+ years ago, and it was already clear they would both be enormous.

More information and a great list of companies can be found on


Stefano Bernardi

October 14, 2015