Speackerdeck von Stefan Vorwerk


As an expert in strategic and technical SEO with a focus on E-Commerce SEO, Stefan Vorwerk worked as a consultant for 9 years for several agencies and is currently Head of SEO at About You. He is responsible for an in-house team that supports 26 international online stores.

In addition, he has been publishing the DESI 250 (German E-Commerce Visibility Index of the 250 most visible online stores) since the end of 2020 and regularly explains at www.stefan-vorwerk.com/desi-250/ which measures the fastest growing online stores use to succeed in SEO in the german market.

For several years, Stefan has also been increasingly sharing his passion for SEO in the form of conference speeches, podcasts, articles and meetups. He also contributes frequently as an author for print magazines such as "Website Boosting" or the "OMT.de Magazin".



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