The Wonders of NUMA

The Wonders of NUMA

(or Why Your High-Performance Application Doesn't Perform)

You select the best possible hardware for the job, you optimize the host OS to deliver the best performance ever seen by mankind, and you tweak your high-performance vSwitch to ensure nothing, nothing, could possibly stop you now. You rub your bloodshot eyes, run 'openstack server create' and, well, things don't look so rosy.

Welcome to the world of OpenStack on NUMA-based architectures, where one poor scheduling decision can result in drastic performance reductions. Thankfully, OpenStack realized this some time ago and has been doing many wonderful things since then to prevent this pain. In this talk, we shine a light on all things NUMA, from both a general and OpenStack-orientated perspective.

Coming out of this talk, you should know everything there is to know about NUMA in OpenStack and will be able to, one can hope, finally put those performance issues to bed and get some sleep.


Stephen Finucane

May 23, 2018