Working with Documentation, The OpenStack Way

Working with Documentation, The OpenStack Way

Back in the old days, OpenStack's documentation was managed by a central team and written in the unspeakable horror that is DocBook. Things have changed a lot since then, with documentation now spread out across multiple projects and Sphinx the documentation tool du jour. This presents a lot of opportunities for people, be they long-term contributors or novices, to make a real impact to OpenStack's documentation. In this talk, we detail how one can get started contributing in this area, be it through writing your own guides, using Sphinx to automatically generate docs or simply fixing a typo. Viva la documentation!

**What can I expect to learn?**

Since the fall of the documentation team, documentation in projects has often lagged the code, often quite significantly. There's no reason this should be the case. Contributing documentation can be a very easy process for someone already versed in the ways of Git and Gerrit, and this talk should serve to highlight this fact along with the power of Sphinx as a documentation tool.


Stephen Finucane

April 30, 2019