Beyond HTTP in ASP.NET Core 3 with gRPC

863d6186d3bc32b7c9036101c47d5d5b?s=47 Steve Gordon
September 11, 2019

Beyond HTTP in ASP.NET Core 3 with gRPC

In this session, Steve will share gRPC, a modern high-performance RPC framework for inter-service communication. You'll discover how gRPC stacks up against existing REST-based communication and explore the benefits this technology has to offer, for example, its use of HTTP/2 as its transport protocol and ProtoBuf encoded content for efficient, fast communication.

You'll explore C# examples of how to build client and server gRPC components using ASP.NET Core 3.0, using the blazingly fast Kestrel web server. You'll learn how to define your proto3 service definition (contract) and integrate with MSBuild tooling to code-gen the server and client components you'll need. You'll be amazed at how quickly a service can be created with little effort or boilerplate code required. You'll also see how additional clients can easily be generated for other languages such as Node.js to make connecting polyglot systems a breeze.

It's a great time to begin taking notice of gRPC as a worthy contender to take over from REST for inter-service communication in microservice-based environments. It's time to start letting service talk their own language!


Steve Gordon

September 11, 2019