Next generation infrastructure with Docker and Mesos

Next generation infrastructure with Docker and Mesos

Inspired by Google, organizations are building out warehouse-scale infrastructure. In this model, applications packaged in lightweight containers run on large pools of computers to achieve high levels of flexibility and utilization. Web applications run on the same servers that are processing batch big data workloads and stream processing.

In this talk we'll cover two building blocks of this new infrastructure: Docker and Apache Mesos.

Docker allows organizations to easily package, run and share server applications. Since Docker's release over a year ago, it has become one of the fastest growing open source projects in history.

Mesos is a open-source distributed scheduler that is similar to the Omega scheduler that powers Google. Mesos is the original computation engine for Apache Spark, but has added the ability to run Docker containers, Hadoop and applications like Storm.


Steven Borrelli

June 18, 2014