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Going serverless–
NoOps is the best ops

Going serverless–
NoOps is the best ops

An overview of building a fully AWS-managed massively-scalable dynamic web serving architecture without deploying a single instance. A quick deep-dive into building your infrastructure using AWS managed services only.

Steven Ringo

March 02, 2016

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  1. Bare Metal Deploy in months Lives for far too long!

    Containers Deploy in seconds Lives for hours AWS Lambda Deploy instantly Lives for seconds Virtualisation Deploy in minutes Lives for weeks
  2. AWS
 Lambda A compute service where you can upload your

    code and it runs the it on your behalf using AWS infrastructure.
  3. AWS
 Lambda Things that happen in AWS services: Event source

    API Gateway S3 SES SNS CloudWatch
 (logs, events & scheduled actions) CloudFormation DynamoDB Kinesis Cognito
  4. AWS
 Lambda Trigger from custom REST API and endpoint using

    Amazon API Gateway HTTPS only API Gateway event source
  5. AWS
 Lambda RequestResponse type Assumes response will be sent Asynchronous

    type for other applications Synchronous invocation
 for API Gateway
  6. AWS
 Lambda Supported: • Javascript (NodeJS) / Python / JVM

    Unsupported: • Ruby / Go / Haskell • (Actually anything) Languages
  7. AWS
 Lambda Console for simple implementations with no external dependencies.

    or Zip file with your code and dependencies. Upload directly or use S3 Deployment package
  8. AWS
 Lambda Only local state, and is limited to the

    current Lambda execution Stateless
  9. Amazon API Gateway Each resource within a REST API can

    support one or more of the standard HTTP methods Define verbs supported for each resource (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS) and their implementations RESTful
  10. Amazon API Gateway Built in staging multiple stages (e.g. dev,

    test, deploy) Built-in versioning multiple versions simultaneously Staging & versioning
  11. Amazon API Gateway Works with Lambda or your own publicly

    accessible endpoints Lambda- or custom-backed
  12. Amazon API Gateway Allows resources on a web page to

    be requested from another domain outside the domain from which the resource originated, e.g. calls to API Gateway endpoints CORS support
  13. Amazon
 S3 Host static websites Massively redundant & scalable Great

    for assets
 (css/images/javascripts) Custom domain names TLS supported
  14. AWS WAF Web Application Firewall A web application firewall that

    helps protect your web applications from common web exploits