Anticorrupting the Enterprise; 
or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Serverless

Anticorrupting the Enterprise; 
or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Serverless

A talk presented at Serverlessconf NYC October 2017 (, with my colleague Yun Zhi Lin.

With apologies to Dr Strangelove…

At amaysim we grew organically from startup to a listed enterprise. On our journey we have developed in-house software, purchased third-party solutions and inherited acquired companies' tech stacks. In many cases its been either unfeasible or just not possible to enhance or improve these systems directly. In addition, we integrate with providers that have unfriendly and inflexible “APIs” (scare quotes indeed!)

In many cases its expensive, time-consuming, error-prone and boring to maintain and operate these systems. Or they simply do not belong to us.

In this talk I show how the use of smart gateways, interceptors and transformers developed and choreographed using serverless technologies have allowed us to rapidly, easily and cheaply provide a protective shield from the legacy forces of evil.

To be able to divert development and operational efforts to modern environments and ecosystems together with the goodness of a mature SDLC with source control, CI/CD, environments, modern APIs and cloud.

A world where our virtual “anticorruption layer” protects us mortals from the horrors that are SMTP, FTP, SOAP, RPCs and other unsavoury protocols.

The talk will show some examples and case studies of how we have achieved this. And in the process keeping developers, marketing, accountants, testers, managers (“stakeholders”) and of course our customers, happy.


Steven Ringo

October 11, 2017