Disrupt yourself with a real-time, customer-centric data platform

Disrupt yourself with a real-time, customer-centric data platform

A real-time, event-driven, customer-centric data platform is a powerful and enlightening way to change how you do business. This is about how surfacing and using real-time data from the plethora of your modern and legacy applications, silos, warehouses and your interactions with customers, is a fresh way of finding those opportunities to disrupt. What you'll gain by having an event-driven, customer-centric data platform as a key foundational layer to your architecture. And how a central real-time data hub will really help you get the most out of your sales, marketing, BI and operational strategies, among others. Plus some pragmatic advice on how you can easily build, nurture and grow it to fit your business.


Steven Ringo

July 11, 2018