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Design for Glass - MobX Conference Berlin

Noble Ackerson
September 13, 2013

Design for Glass - MobX Conference Berlin

This talk was presented at the MobX Conference in Berlin Germany. It broke down the importance to sticking to the guidelines and best practices needed to build great glassware

Noble Ackerson

September 13, 2013

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  1. Details to Remember • Screen aspect ratio: 16x9 • Screen

    resolution: 640 x 360 pixels • Share contact icon size: 640 x 360 pixels • Menu option icon size: 50 x 50 pixels • Support media format: > Container: MP4 > Video: H.264 baseline and H.263 baseline > Audio: AAC & MP3 Wednesday, September 18, 13
  2. Be Creatively Mindful • Storyboard. Illustrate your vision. • Test

    concepts with Mirror API Sandbox. • Play in the sandbox but be creative • Google’s templates are a great place to start Wednesday, September 18, 13
  3. Make Good Glassware • Design for Glass It’s not VR

    or 3D out of the box • Keep it timely Aim for realtime, optimize for speed • Don’t get in the way Be careful not to distract • Avoid the unexpected Intuitive IO. Voice, visual, touch Wednesday, September 18, 13
  4. Resources • User Interface Guidelines https://developers.google.com/glass/ui-guidelines • Developer docs https://developers.google.com/glass

    • Google Mirror API Playground https://developers.google.com/glass/playground/ Wednesday, September 18, 13