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Navigating Through the Literature

December 04, 2021

Navigating Through the Literature


December 04, 2021

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  1. Navigating Through the Literature
    A personal experience in finding the start and endpoint of a literature review
    Iwan Setiawan

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  2. Navigating Through the Literature
    A personal experience in finding the start and endpoint of a literature review
    Iwan Setiawan

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  3. Navigating Through the Literature
    A personal experience in finding the start and endpoint of a literature review
    Iwan Setiawan

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  4. EE Lecturer at Unsoed
    Specialization: Computer Systems

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  5. Navigating Through the Literature 5 Iwan Setiawan
    Iwan stwn

    Research interests: networked systems, softwarized networks

    CS and Information Engineering at NTUST (資訊工程系)
    – Cloud Computing and Networking Lab, working with Prof Shen
    – Collaboration with Prof Kar of Modern Networking Lab

    Student member of ACM SIGCOMM, IEEE Computer Society,
    IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc)

    Member of Forum Pendidikan Tinggi TE Indonesia

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  6. Navigating Through the Literature 6 Iwan Setiawan
    3 Steps for Getting a PhD (Maybe)

    Knowing (quite) well the literature on a specific topic, or two

    Finding (valid) problems, possible methods and solutions

    Executing one or two research plan(s)
    – Research design: objective, metrics, methodology
    – Finding patterns and insights from the research
    – Share the results with the research communities
    Recognized as an expert by the experts
    Our professor is included here

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  7. Navigating Through the Literature 7 Iwan Setiawan
    3 Things to Discuss

    Finding the “right” questions
    – Familiar with the basic or foundational knowledge
    – Know the (main) topic, understand our (research) questions
    – Create (main) filters and update them as needed

    Searching for the “right” references with the filters
    – Three steps: download, skim (structure), scan (finding your answers)
    – Three things to consider: essential characteristics, patterns, authors
    – Three tools: Google Scholar, ConnectedPaper, ResearchRabbit

    Short demo: writing a paper draft
    – Know the tools: LaTeX, Texstudio, JabRef
    – Write outline, break down the story, and put some details
    – Find how-tos, get feedback, and finish it gracefully

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  9. Navigating Through the Literature 9 Iwan Setiawan
    Let’s start

    Choose a research area, e.g. Computer Networks
    – Sub-area or topic, for instance software-defined networking (SDN)

    Find a specific topic, for example energy efficiency in SDN

    Related keywords
    – ICT: computing, networking, storage
    – Energy efficiency, energy saving, energy consumption, [...]
    – Energy efficiency in networking
    – Energy-efficient software-defined networks

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  10. Navigating Through the Literature 10 Iwan Setiawan
    Literature Review a.k.a. Survey

    Systematic review
    – Explicit, e.g. specific questions and searching terms
    – Wide coverage, including all published papers in databases
    – Usually provides statistical results on the topic or sub-topics

    Scoping review*
    – Clarify key concepts or definitions +characteristics
    – Identify and analyze knowledge gaps
    – Examine how research is conducted on the topic
    * https://rdcu.be/cCyxR

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  11. Navigating Through the Literature 11 Iwan Setiawan

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  12. Navigating Through the Literature 12 Iwan Setiawan
    Let’s target (If we want)

    ACM or IEEE journals, or other venues
    – Find our potential communities or societies, e.g. ComSoc
    – Check the journals, are they SCI-indexed?

    Master Journal List

    Lists of SCI* Journals (TU Wien)

    How to find the target journals?
    – Based on our reading list
    – Ask our advisors
    – Ask our (trusted) friends

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  13. Navigating Through the Literature 13 Iwan Setiawan
    Let’s search

    Keywords, could be multiple and related
    – Energy efficiency
    – Software-defined networking

    Using tools: Google Scholar, ResearchRabbit

    Define the searching criteria and strategy, or “filters”
    – Quality: reputed journals and conferences
    – Relevance-based searching
    – Only 10-page of results, for example
    – Citation tracing for important references
    Do we trust the third-party?

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  15. Navigating Through the Literature 15 Iwan Setiawan
    Survey paper: read or write

    Read survey/review paper(s) as the starting point to learn a new topic
    – Limitations: cover only specific topic, year range, etc.
    – We need to update to the current state of the art (SoT)

    Survey of surveys (SoS): optional
    – Find published survey papers on the topic
    – Find the gaps so we can write a survey paper

    Survey on the topic
    – Search technical papers on the topic to update SoT
    – Search potential problems so we can write a technical paper
    – Search the attributes so we can update/detail the survey paper

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  16. Navigating Through the Literature 16 Iwan Setiawan
    SoS: An Example
    ACM DL
    IEEE Xplore

    Covers all published journal papers in the database

    Covers all published journal papers in the database
    Criteria for collecting and selecting papers
    SoS on SDN
    * Considering newly found papers from the main databases

    Searching only in 10-page of the results

    Collecting and selecting papers from other libraries*

    Marking papers previously found in the main sources

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  17. Navigating Through the Literature 17 Iwan Setiawan
    SoS: Issues

    Extensive numbers of the published articles
    – Challenges in scheduling the time to search and collect
    – ACM DL+IEEE Xplore (somewhat) cannot detect a person doing fast paper collecting

    Additional keywords and criteria while doing SoS, re-re-search

    Survey papers that are not categorized as survey or review
    At least two iterations

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  18. Navigating Through the Literature 18 Iwan Setiawan
    SoS: Strategy

    Paper: journal-only, survey-only*, published in 2015-present**

    Searching survey papers with “keywords”, English-only
    – Databases: ACM DL, IEEE Xplore, with the help of Google Scholar
    – String: (“keyword 1” OR “keyword 1 variant” OR “keyword 1 other variant”)
    AND (“keyword 2” OR “keyword 2 variant” OR “keyword 2 other variant”) AND
    (survey OR review)

    – String in title, abstract, (considerable) contents
    – As general as possible, then specific to scenario or area
    – Focus on upper layers (“layer-2 above” or “no phy”)
    An example

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  19. Navigating Through the Literature 19 Iwan Setiawan
    Let’s read and collect!

    Fast-reading techniques
    – S&S, print the paper if necessary
    ● Skimming to find the paper structure
    ● Scanning for searching the answers
    – AIC: Abstract, Introduction, Conclusions
    ● Take notes or map with tools, e.g. table to compare

    Read for the i-th times to get the required details
    – Selected papers

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  20. Navigating Through the Literature 20 Iwan Setiawan
    Mapping the Results

    Essential characteristics: definitions, architectures, frameworks

    Patterns: other characteristics related to the topic (emerging)
    – SDN control plane design: centralized vs distributed
    – SDN multi-domain: single- vs multi-controller

    – Consider to track highly cited references in reputed journals
    – View the interconnection graph, e.g. via ReseachRabbit
    Tools: table, mindmap, visualization, ...

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  21. Navigating Through the Literature 21 Iwan Setiawan
    Where is the endpoint?

    Concept saturation (PachecoVega, 2016)
    – Seeing the same citations or concepts repeated in the (selected) references
    – Tools: comparison table, mindmap, interconnected graph visualization, ...

    Generate results
    – Structure and classification
    – Lessons learned and future work

    Outputs, depend on our goal(s)
    – Related work section
    – Survey paper
    – Chapter 2

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  22. Navigating Through the Literature 22 Iwan Setiawan
    Everyone has their own journey

    Some people learn the hard (and long) way

    Pick the easier path and use tools, if they are available

    There is no guarantee whichever path we choose

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  23. Notes for some people

    Familiar with the basics
    – Fundamental knowledge, tools, skills

    Know the reasons: anything that push us towards the goals
    – Recognize our problems, e.g. reading, writing
    – Find possible solutions, or friends

    Take our time to play, pray, and try (multiple times)
    especially myself
    Navigating Through the Literature 23 Iwan Setiawan

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  24. Terima kasih atas komentar dan masukan teman-teman
    komunitas mahasiswa, kandidat, dan alumni PhD
    “NTUST Indonesian PhD Society”

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