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LI training Vol.2

6aef4333ee2e106812e2a47d1f541ef6?s=47 Sergey K
September 16, 2021

LI training Vol.2



Sergey K

September 16, 2021


  1. Start Up and Fly LinkedIn Training

  2. 9/16: Workshop 1) Training Recap 2) LinkedIn profiles analysis 3)

    LI messages: Sophie + chain in Slack + my 4) Account-based sales: scenarios 5) Q&A
  3. Your LinkedIn profile Why it’s important: - It’s your online

    business card - People get the first impression of you / the brand you represent - You can change the way people perceive you
  4. Profile picture: first thing your prospects see Picture recommendations: -

    Smile J - Have a clear one-color background - Use a professional shot Intervals: - Your headline – 2nd thing they see (adding hobby is a GOOD idea) - Location - First line in your work experience - Sometimes summary and education
  5. Bonus - Use a custom URL for your public profile

  6. GOAL is to generate more meetings > new business LinkedIn

    Navigator is a MUST Why: - Extra layer of security - Great leads sourcing tool - Fancy little logo on your profile Segmentation Targeting
  7. LinkedIn Limits and Tricks Limits: - < 100 invites a

    day - BUT < 50 invites a day if your account has < 1000 connections - SPECIAL: send invites from a mobile browser Tricks: - Stand out from bots: put a delay btw an accepted invite and your 1st touch - Withdraw unaccepted invites every 2 weeks
  8. Multi-touch, omni-channel road to success

  9. Your LinkedIn profile makeover LinkedIn is a content platform and

    social media network Social selling: ENGAGE WITH INSIGHTS - Post relevant content weekly - Like and comment on your prospects’ pages - Become a subject matter expert - Stay up-to-date with prospect news
  10. Account-based B2B sales

  11. Your LinkedIn profile makeover Traditional vs Account-based Approach Traditional B2B

    Sales Strategy - Wide targeting: e.g. SAAS brands with > 500 employees - Generic messages - Low-hanging fruit strategy Account-based B2B Approach - A list of MOST WANTED specific accounts - Custom (account-tailored) message gets more responses - Experiment with creative ideas*
  12. Your LinkedIn profile makeover Some creative ideas 1) You just

    signed a new deal with a big brand X (in one country/state) and want to scale this project Option 1 – ask your Champion to make introductions (takes time, sometimes it’s distractive) Option 2 - make some new connections yourself on LinkedIN - Connect with as many people from company X as possible: it’s easier when you share a common network, - Make a test with a custom outreach e.g.: “Guys, we just signed a contract with your UK office. [some specifics like: The project is going really well…]. Would like to invite you on a virtual coffee and share what we’re working on”
  13. Your LinkedIn profile makeover Some creative ideas 2) You have

    a new inbound request - Connect with him and his peers who are in charge of events (maybe even with his boss?) - Say “Hi, and thanks for sending us a request via the website. Look forward to chatting soon! You can reach me here on LinkedIn as well, should you need anything in futureJ ” - Your advanced profile and regular posts will help additionally warm up the lead, while the data that you collect on the profile help qualify this lead & enrich the CRM - Send a follow up LI message if the lead is not responsive on email
  14. Your LinkedIn profile makeover Some creative ideas 3) Upsell your

    existing client - When traditional messages look boring, why not to experiment? - You may go with something like: “Hi Jim, and thanks for connecting. The reason I reach out is that we’re working with the US branch of Sony on {…}. We’re setting up a group demo for event managers across different offices, and I plan to present what we’re working on with your peers in California. Would you like to take part? We’re gathering a group of <10 and thinking about the end of September for the demo day. Look forward, thanks!”
  15. Be creative proactive and don’t manipulate – instead, try to

    surprise your prospects
  16. Lead Gen SUAFI Client SpatialChat SDR SUAFI TL SUAFI One

    Pot Your LinkedIn profile makeover SUAFI Approach Maria - Data Analyst Sophie – Outbound SDR Alina – Team Lead
  17. Your LinkedIn profile makeover SUAFI Approach

  18. How not to sound salesy: - Convey positive energy -

    Avoid cliche phrases - Experiment with your call to action - Don’t aim to close a prospect for a call from the first touch Smart Messaging
  19. Some examples

  20. Some examples 0% - 4.5%

  21. Weeks later (65 messages sent) 18.5% (!!)

  22. Bad sequence Bad sequences are the ones where you: -

    Remind about your previous message directly - Use expressions such as “You’re probably busy” - Try to put the question bluntly – YES/NO? - Show any signs of impatience
  23. Good sequence Good sequences are the ones where you: -

    Each time give a prospect some value in your message - Adhere to adequate intervals between touchpoints - Always positive, patient, client-friendly - Sound more like an expert rather than a sales-person - Industry news, large events, new plans, new features, new signed clients
  24. Examples how to sound more like an expert

  25. Examples how to sound more like an expert

  26. Track your weekly progress Stats on the meetings completed 5-10

    booked appointments per week 500+ leads found and engaged 20-50 positive responses a week 20-30% of LI invites accepted Plus 50-100 emails sent per day DQ Nurture SQL
  27. Listen to your clients and transcribe the calls ~15%

  28. Follow ups The recommendations are: - Be persistent: minimum 5

    follow ups with adequate gaps - Try different angles and styles and message length - Be ready that your prospect is BUSY or OOO or ON A SICK LEAVE … - Always use task reminders until you get a prospect on the call
  29. How to reanimate OLD leads The recommendations are: - Try

    to avoid situations where you have old (untouched) leads: CRM & tasks - Lifecycle of a lead ends where it opts out or become a client - Use the same approach: no pressure, no blaming, only positive vibes - Play with intervals - Try to time your message to an important event/news for your client - Referral approach
  30. CALENDLY? Hi, John, sounds like a plan! Please book a

    comfortable time using my Calendly: link. Thanks! Hi, John, sounds like a plan! How about beginning of the next week for a call? Say Tuesday at 11am or 3pm ET. Let me know what works better for you. Thanks, and look forward!
  31. 9/16: Workshop 1) Training Recap 2) LinkedIn profiles analysis 3)

    LI Messages Quiz 4) Account-based sales workshop: scenarios 5) How to win clients on outbound demos? 6) Q&A
  32. Olya & Eve

  33. Questions in Slack

  34. Questions in Slack

  35. GOOD vs BAD messages quiz First touch

  36. Corporate ?%

  37. GOOD vs BAD messages quiz 0% L

  38. Education ?%

  39. Education 8.7%

  40. Event Agencies ?% ?%

  41. Event Agencies 3.8% 14.5%

  42. GOOD vs BAD messages quiz How to revive current leads?

  43. Hi John! I understand that you've been too busy to

    get back, so I wanted to follow up with you and see if you're still open for chat. GOOD? BAD?
  44. Hi John, last time we spoke, you seemed interested in

    discussing SpatialChat in more details. But then again, I know how hectic things can get between work and personal life, so I thought I'd check and see if you're still up to it. GOOD? BAD?
  45. Hi Claire, I hope everything is alright. Just checking in

    to make sure that the chat is still on your radar. Thanks! GOOD? BAD?
  46. Hi Claire, not sure if it's a bad moment, or

    you changed your mind in regard to our call. But let me know, please, if we can get back on track. GOOD? BAD?
  47. Hi Claire, how are you? I understand if your priorities

    changed, and you might be no longer interested in a call with me, but I'll appreciate if you would give me an update about where you currently stand. If you're still interested - please, let me know, so we can get something on the calendar for this or the next week. If not - it's totally fine, I just don't want to bother you unnecessarily :) If you'd like - I can follow up in a few months, maybe it will be a better moment for it then GOOD? BAD?
  48. Good response from a prospect Hi Alexandra, thanks for your

    message. My pleasure! It’s not easy to find the right solution I have to say… there is no perfect solution. We are currently using either the speed networking or roundtables on platforms such as Hopin. Otherwise, we are using breakout rooms on Zoom or WebEx and it works well. Our members are really missing in-person events/networking so we are really looking forward to organising hybrid events in the fall. As of September, we will organise our first real hybrid events so I will let you know! What about you? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, Mia
  49. Good response from a prospect Thanks for sharing, Mia! Good

    to see you're being inventive in what you're doing. I was hoping to make a point about SpatialChat - we help agencies (*examples*) host annual conventions and monthly events with way more progressive networking. We really hit that feeling of in-person with our proximity- based audio and lots of other features. Let me know if you’re open to chat further :) GOOD? BAD?
  50. Good response from a prospect Thank you for getting back

    to me, Mia! Even if it’s not easy to find the right solution - I appreciate your thoughtful approach in the networking aspect and that you're still striving to find your right fit :) Hey, I'm very excited to hear about your first real event! Wishing you the best of luck! And yes, I must agree that there's no perfect solution. Though, answering your question - we're trying to bring online events experience to new highs with our own platform for virtual events. Have you ever heard of SpatialChat? Since you said you have experience with platforms such as Hopin I think you might have. GOOD? BAD?
  51. Scenario #1 – Email to a lost lead Workshop

  52. #1 Email to a lost lead Why it is lost:

    1) Irresponsive 2) We didn’t have the right features 3) They didn’t have the budget
  53. Scenario #2 – Email to an old lead Workshop

  54. #2 Email to an old lead Why it didn’t purchase:

    1) They had a trial long ago and we don’t know how well it went 2) Used to be our client and then stopped using us (the lead is from a HUGE company)
  55. How to win OUTBOUND leads?

  56. None
  57. Why SUAFI uses SpatialChat? Main reasons (on the surface): 1)

    We’re partnering with SC on leadgen, the moment we signed a contract we cancelled our Zoom plan. 2) SC is not expansive for us – we use a free plan and it has all we need
  58. Why SUAFI uses SpatialChat? Some more reasons (2nd layer –

    they are hidden but real): 1) We like the reaction of our clients and prospects when they first see the platform – we make an image of a super- innovative team (“we know some cool tools that you don’t”) 2) We like the casual style of the platform: sofa and all that stuff, we enjoy it more on internal calls compering to Zoom
  59. Q & A