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SUAFI 2021 deck

SUAFI 2021 deck

Lead Gen Team as a service concept with pricing

Sergey K

June 25, 2021

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  1. Start Up and Fly Lead Gen Team As A Service

  2. Your Customer Acquisition Crew 1Data Researcher – sources 500+ leads

    per week based on specific targets. 2Lead Gen Expert – manages LinkedIn profile, sends out messages and emails, populates CRM, notifies team on new responses by Slack, Social Selling activities. 3Campaign Team Lead – creates and enhances drip messages, A/B testing, coordinates overall performance.
  3. Smart Locations & Business Model San Francisco – HQ, sales

    hub, meetups, new ideas, inspiration, team retreats. Moscow – recruitment and training; we hunt final year students and graduates across Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey and Indonesia. Tallin – EU sales, partnerships with accelerators, incubators and VCs.
  4. We Are Custom

  5. Multi-channel, Ongoing Customer Acquisition Multistage campaign on LinkedIn + Email

    + SoMe to generate conversations and push the deals up the sales funnel.
  6. Data Mining: choose hypothesis and target verticals Segmentation Targeting We

    source 2,000 leads each month based on target criteria: - Geography, - Demography, - Business size, - Vertical, - Experience, - Etc.
  7. Multi-drip campaign continually optimized Custom messages based on specific parameters,

    so each message is uniquely relevant. Smart templates go through machine learning, so we adapt scripts that are more effective in the A/B testing. Familiar with LinkedIn’s rules and work within their parameters. Manage clients’ responses and send updates in real-time.
  8. We enrich your CRM with lead data We will append

    lead information to your CRM and manage sales pipeline. Always check on all your leads in one place and receive real-time alerts.
  9. Tracking progress with weekly KPI scorecard Below is a score-card

    that is sent weekly: Stats on the meetings completed 5-10 booked appointments per week 500+ leads found and engaged 20-50 positive responses a week 20-30% of LI invites accepted Plus 50-100 emails sent per day DQ Nurture SQL
  10. Team & Pricing Our Complete Plan w/o cold-calling is worth

    $2,500/month (2 LinkedIn accounts): - Three team members. - Flat fee, 0 setup fee, 3 days start notice period. - Month-to-month commitment. - 1 day ramp-up time. - Self-learning system continuously optimized. Maria - Data Analyst Sophie – Outbound SDR Alina – Team Lead
  11. Success Stories

  12. 1 Qase.io: a test management platform

  13. 1 SpatialChat – video chat conversations

  14. 1 ApplePie Capital: San Francisco Since 2019 SUF has been

    working with APC Team Leads (aka Loan Officers) and their PAs to get connected with 2K+ prospects from targeted brands each month and set up meetings/web calls
  15. 1 Uploadcare: Saint Petersburg -> Vancouver A. Recruited two TOP-NOTCH

    Account Executives from nearly competitors B. Composed Sales Playbook and Demo Script C. Late 2019: helped the team to relocate the HQ into Vancouver (Canada) D. Right now: recruiting another AE, Customer Success and helping with LeadGen
  16. WSI: a digital marketing franchise Lead Gen SUF Owner WSI

    SDR SUF SMM SUF WSI The Corporate Office WSI + SUF One Zee Start Up And Fly has been an official global supplier for WSI appointment setting services since 2019: access to 300 franchisees, most of which are in the USA and Canada.