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Not just another Wordpress blog

Not just another Wordpress blog

My presentation for Wordcamp Greece 2011 @ Thessaloniki.


Zaharenia Atzitzikaki

September 26, 2011


  1. Not just another Wordpress blog Wordcamp 2011, Thessaloniki

  2. Not just another Wordpress blog Wordcamp 2011, Thessaloniki

  3. Some stuff about me (I’m interesting. I think.)

  4. My name is Zaharenia http://sugarenia.com – @sugarenia

  5. My name is Zaharenia http://sugarenia.com – @sugarenia ≠

  6. My name is Zaharenia http://sugarenia.com – @sugarenia ≠

  7. ...and this is Gadget, my cat (he doesn’t like walking

    on a leash)
  8. I think I want to be a freelancer... – Me,

    circa 2009
  9. None
  10. The problem

  11. terrainnova.gr/αν-το-περιεχόµενο-είναι- βασιλιάς-το-design-τ/

  12. Αν εποµένως το πιο σηµαντικό είναι το περιεχόµενο σε µια

    παρουσία online (...) µήπως το αντίπαλο δέος το οποίο για χάρη συντοµίας θα το πω design πρέπει να είναι αυτό που θα ‘θυσιαστεί’; “ „
  13. Πλέον η ουσία βρίσκεται (...) να βρεθείς µέσω των social

    media µπροστά στους χρήστες ή τους καταναλωτές σου (...) Και κανένα design όσο και να λειτουργήσει ως ‘κράχτης’ και όσο καλό και να είναι δεν πρόκειται να βοηθήσει σηµαντικά επ’ αυτού – ειδικά µακροπρόθεσµα. “ „
  14. Arras (arrastheme.com)

  15. Everyone. Whom is this presentation for?

  16. This. So what’s your problem anyway?

  17. Bueno by WooThemes

  18. Aurora Borealis by Themeforest

  19. Topzglow by simplyWP

  20. MyWordpress by Themeforest

  21. Fresh News by WooThemes

  22. Header

  23. Header Fat Footer

  24. Header Fat Footer Most popular

  25. Header Fat Footer Carousel Most popular

  26. Header Fat Footer Carousel Featured Most popular

  27. Header Fat Footer Carousel Featured Most popular Tag clouds

  28. Pffffft... Wait, tag clouds?

  29. Whut?

  30. Hey, I’ve seen it before... The dreaded Wordpress look

  31. Tight deadlines. Why do we do this?

  32. Tight budgets. Why do we do this?

  33. Laziness. Why do we do this?

  34. Let’s change this.

  35. Art Direction The elephant in the room

  36. alistapart.com/articles/art-direction-and-design

  37. Art direction brings clarity and definition to our work; it

    helps our work convey a specific message to a particular group of people. “ „
  38. This is not your aunt’s travel blog...

  39. ...and this is not a pharmacy website.

  40. Design Research You. Need. It.

  41. Moodboards Capture the mood of the website

  42. viget.com/inspire/perspectives-on-mood-boards

  43. The purpose of a mood board is to set the

    tone & style of a design effort, without the distraction of flow and architecture. “ „
  44. None
  45. None
  46. None
  47. Use whatever suits you OneNote, Curio, Photoshop, LittleSnapper...

  48. Best-sellers? Stay away. So generic it hurts

  49. (Plus they all look alike)

  50. Striking by ThemeForest

  51. inFocus by ThemeForest

  52. Display by ThemeForest

  53. Go stylish minimal But only if you have to

  54. Dandelion by Themeforest

  55. Briefed by WooThemes

  56. Modest by ElegantThemes

  57. Penelope by cssigniter

  58. Practical by WPBundle

  59. Don’t copy. Not too much anyway

  60. Almost 89,2% of tutorial sites looks like PsdTuts or Smashing

    Magazine. – Me
  61. Frankly, it gets boring.

  62. None
  63. None
  64. None
  65. No more magazines. Especially when you don’t have content

  66. It will show.

  67. Macalicious.com (design from 45Royale)

  68. Delicious Magazine by WooThemes

  69. Diverse by WPBundle

  70. Vetee by Themeforest

  71. Hipstr Tumblr It is popular for a reason

  72. Slanted by WooThemes

  73. Nimble by WPBundle

  74. Auld by WooThemes

  75. Shelf by The Theme Foundry

  76. None
  77. Recap time! (This is what you should write down)

  78. Don’t Wordpress look Marketplace best-sellers Magazine themes without content

  79. Do Design research Minimalism & personality Lean ’n’ mean original

  80. No more of this. Don’t make me spank you.

  81. Thank you! You’re cool. Zaharenia Atzitzikaki UI designer http://sugarenia.com @sugarenia