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How To Influence Your Manager and Win Promotions

How To Influence Your Manager and Win Promotions

Individual contributors often underestimate how important it is to manage up and have a productive relationship with their manager. In this talk, we'll discuss the most common mistakes everyone makes while managing up. We'll also examines some ways you can flex your leadership skills and go after that promotion.

Zaharenia Atzitzikaki

March 08, 2021

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  1. Z A H A R E N I A A

    T Z I T Z I K A K I Author S U G A R E N I A . C O M Find me at How To In uence Your Manager and Win Promotions An individual contributor's guide to managing up
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  3. 🙄 Managers, amirite? W H O N E E D

    S T H E M A N Y W A Y < / >
  4. 😣 We all make mistakes. M A N A G

    E R S A R E O U T T H E R E T O H E L P Y O U < / >
  5. Be open & direct

  6. Expecting your manager to be your therapist Saying what you

    want, loud and clear Practice Avoid
  7. Invest in 1:1 meetings

  8. Skipping your 1:1 because you don't have anything to report

    Making the most out of 1:1 meetings by setting up an agenda Practice Avoid
  9. Make good use of feedback

  10. Asking for feedback just because it's "the right thing to

    do" Asking for speci c feedback and following up on it Practice Avoid
  11. Be honest about challenges

  12. Being a hero and suffering in silence Raising red ags

    early, especially for delays Practice Avoid
  13. Make your work visible

  14. Thinking that your work is unappreciated Showcasing your best work

    to your team Practice Avoid
  15. Ask for accountability

  16. Shrugging your shoulders and assume the worst Holding your manager

    accountable Practice Avoid
  17. Adopt a problem-solving attitude

  18. Being grumpy and passive when challenged Helping your manager with

    problem solving Practice Avoid
  19. Be a leader

  20. Waiting to be promoted before acting senior Showcasing leadership to

    get promoted Practice Avoid
  21. Look out for yourself

  22. Normalizing harassment of any sort Setting boundaries and protecting yourself

    Practice Avoid
  23. 😠 "I did all these and nothing happened." Y O

    U , P R O B A B L Y < / >
  24. 😌 It's not you, it's them. < / >

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