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AI, SGE, & Helpful Content: Thrive in the new SEO Landscape - MergedFutures6

AI, SGE, & Helpful Content: Thrive in the new SEO Landscape - MergedFutures6

Defining the latest challenges (opportunities!) with Google's SGE (AI Overviews), Google’s E.E.A.T. guidelines and Helpful Content system, the use of AI in workflows, and the May 2024 Google Leak, to effectively adapt and thrive in SEO.

Sukhjinder Singh

June 14, 2024

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  1. AI, SGE, & Helpful Content: Thrive in the new SEO

    Landscape #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup
  2. AI vs search @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup 10% Of AI-generated content

    ranks first in Google Source: askoptimo.com 50% Of users can detect AI content Source: bynder.com 90% Of online content will be AI- generated by 2026 Source: europol.europa.eu
  3. AI’s exponential growth @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup GPT-4 vs 5 (launch

    later this year) • More knowledge • More reliable • More ways to communicate • Better reasoning • Better memory
  4. Quality of search results at risk? @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup AI

    is trained with good stuff: …and compromised stuff: Wikipedia Books Scientific papers AI product and service pages AI news articles/blogs AI social media content Original, helpful content
  5. What Google says about AI? @SukhSingh84 You can use AI-generated

    content, but it has to be: • Original • Helpful • Reliable • People-first • Employ E.E.A.T. – Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trust Source: https://developers.google.com/search/blog/2023/02/google-search-and-ai-content
  6. Does Google detect AI content? @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup Perfectly good

    content, except…. Perfectly good content, except…. because Google clocked-on My client’s content wasn’t ranking… Free AI detector: https://www.scribbr.co.uk/ai-detector/
  7. Can we detect AI content? @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup Premium AI

    detector: https://originality.ai/ (paid) Free AI detector: https://www.scribbr.co.uk/ai-detector/
  8. Using AI for content @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup • Add more

    layers to your prompts: • Define the audience and search intents you are targeting • Research and use keywords • Filter common AI terms (e.g. “consequently”, “furthermore”) • Use unique images and rich media • Add useful info, stats, and examples, crediting sources • Ensure its original (use AI and plagiarism detectors)
  9. Use AI for your workflow @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup Use free

    or premium AI for: • Keyword research • Write and proof content • Data analysis • Coding • Use plugins e.g. MS Office, Chrome, Adobe etc
  10. Are AI Overviews still important? @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup Yes. Will

    launch in UK / worldwide by end of the year. To access it: sign-up to https://labs.google and use a VPN. More likely to trigger it with question-based queries, specifically: • Healthcare queries (63%) • B2B queries (32%) • Ecommerce queries (23%) Source: https://www.brightedge.com/blog/10-observations-about-transition-sge-ai-overviews-may-2024
  11. How to appear in AI Overviews? @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup Google

    says you don’t need to do anything, but… • Answer questions in your content and be specific • Optimise for featured snippets and use schema (QA/FAQs) • Use videos and images where possible – they are popular in AIO • Build topical authority and topic clusters • Ensure content meets ‘Google’s Search Quality Guidelines’ • Earn and build relevant, high authority links to your website
  12. What is helpful content? @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup August 2022: Google

    launched the helpful content system, aimed to surface original, unique, people-focused content. Updates: • Dec 2022: focus on link spam • March 2024: reduce unhelpful content by 40%, and target ‘site reputation abuse’ (low quality content on reputable sites) • May 2024: more targeting of ‘site reputation abuse’ • The results aren't perfect!
  13. How to provide ‘helpful content’? @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup • Stay

    in your lane: focus on the topic/s you are an expert on • Audit your content and create a strategy: defining the purpose and audience • Optimise it for audience search intent (keywords, answers, and format) • Develop your website’s E.E.A.T. • Guide: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/fundamentals/creating- helpful-content
  14. What is E.E.A.T.? @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup • E.E.A.T. stands for

    Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness • Part of the ‘Search quality rater guidelines’ – a checklist that human quality raters use evaluate the quality of websites • A short, public version of the doc: https://services.google.com/fh/files/misc/hsw-sqrg.pdf
  15. Examples of E.E.A.T. @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup On-site article Author bio

    Social engagement External article Share personal experience Accurate, reliable info Get relevant backlinks Secure website List experience Relevant content Public advocate Link to socials
  16. E.E.A.T. cheat sheet @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup Where Tip The author

    Where? • Author bios • About us • Social media • Your site, partner sites, publications The content Where: • Your site • Partner sites, publications • List specialist topics, education, and work experience: on author bios and about us pages, (on website, publications, and social profiles) • Be a public advocate: represent your experience with articles, presentations, podcasts, on your website (author bio/author filter on blog), socials, and external websites • Help others: contribute on social profiles, groups, and forums, answering questions as an expert • Build relationships: with other authorities, attending conferences, networking, collaborating on projects, showing this with posts on websites and socials • Respectful others: when engaging on forums and social media • Share personal experience with the topic: where relevant, include images, videos, infographics • Link to relevant, credible sources: this shows you’ve done your research • Be transparent about limitations: if you don’t have answers, be honest about it • Get backlinks: from relevant, high authority websites • Create high-quality content: Well-researched, well-written, informative, accurate, and up to date • Be objective and unbiased: where relevant • Cite trustworthy resources: via links and citations • Secure landing pages: ensure the content is HTTPS secure and uses other security features
  17. What happened @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup API documentation was leaked and

    is currently being dissected by the SEO community… Most of it is about Google search.
  18. Key findings @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup Element What it does What

    Google said before? Clicks and engagement are ranking signals ‘Navboost’ and ‘Glue’ tracks clicks and engagement via Chrome on Search results and landing pages Google previously denied tracking clicks and engagement, despite case study data ‘siteAuthority’ is a thing Comparable to ‘Domain Authority’ in SEO tools, or Google’s old ‘Page Rank’ metric Google said they didn’t measure domain authority anymore Toxic backlinks Stating whether a page is penalised for having bad backlinks Google previously said they no long penalise sites for bad links, just ignore the links Chrome user data is used …to impact rankings Google said this data wasn’t used Quality rater feedback used Appears to be directly used in rankings systems (think E.E.A.T.) NA Confirm how links are important High quality links = regularly updated sites, ranking high, relevant topic, gets clicks NA ‘siteFocusScore ’ Measures whether a site sticks to a single topic NA
  19. Other findings @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup Element What it does What

    Google said before? Authors (E.E.A.T) mentioned a lot Mentioned as ‘person’ or ‘creator’, optimising for authors as an entity helps you rank NA Sitewide title match score Closely matching page title text with search queries, and having a resulting high CTR from SERPs, helps whole site rank better NA Anchor miss-match Link text context needs to match what a user will see at the destination – no clickbait! NA Location demotion If you are associated with one location, other location rankings will get reduced NA Exact-match domains Keywordy domain names will get demotion NA Navigation demotion If your navigation and user experience is poor NA
  20. What I will change @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup Clicks and engagement:

    • Make product/service, and informational content more engaging • Monitor clicks and engagement (GA4, Hotjar etc) Helpful content and E.E.A.T.: • Build author authority • Produce more fresh content • Stay in my lane: ensure the site stays focused on the main theme/topic its related to
  21. Google leak resources @SukhSingh84 #MergedFutures6 #TheMarketingMeetup Great write-ups: • https://sparktoro.com/blog/an-anonymous-source-shared-thousands-of-leaked-

    google-search-api-documents-with-me-everyone-in-seo-should-see-them/ • https://ipullrank.com/google-algo-leak • https://www.seroundtable.com/google-search-data-leak-37462.html The leaked info itself: • https://hexdocs.pm/google_api_content_warehouse/0.4.0/GoogleApi.ContentWarehouse. V1.Model.QualitySitemapTargetGroup.html#module-attributes • https://dixonjones.com/google-ranking-signals/