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20220525 ATSC 3.0 Based Multi-Channel/Mobile/Interactive Services of South Korea@ DigitalUK-KOBETA Meeting

20220525 ATSC 3.0 Based Multi-Channel/Mobile/Interactive Services of South Korea@ DigitalUK-KOBETA Meeting

Sungho Jeon

May 25, 2022

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  1. What’s New & Why We Started ATSC 3.0 Based Terrestrial

    UHDTV Broadcasting? Viewer-friendly reception environment • Fixed and mobile reception • Direct reception environment anywhere Fixed Indoor Reception Mobile Outdoor Reception Improved service with the Internet • IP-based interactive & personalized service with companion screen • Public service capabilities (Emergency alert/caption) Advanced Emergency Alerting UHD Video On-Demand Additional Information (ESG, IBB) Ultra High-Definition TV • 4 times better image quality compared to FHD • HDR, WCG, HFR techniques for realistic broadcasting • Immersive audio experience 2K FHD 5.1ch 4K UHD 22.2ch 3840 2160 UHDTV * HDR = High Dynamic Range, WCG = Wide Color Gamut, HFR = High Frame Rate , ESG = Electronic Service Guide, IBB = Integrated Broadcast Broadband 1
  2. ATSC 1.0 T-DMB ATSC 3.0 Mobile(SD) Multi-channel Datacasting High-definition TV

    Second-generation terrestrial broadcasting system First-generation terrestrial broadcasting system + → 1TV Simulcast 2TV Simulcast Visual 2FM EWS Emergency Warning Service TPEG Traffic information 9-3 Visual 1Radio 9-1 KBS1 UHD 9-2 KBS disaster-focused channel IBB Interactive Service Visual 2FM KBS NEWS24 Ultra HD + Interactive Mobile HD/MMS/Datacasting AEAT Emergency Alert Service By deploying only one ATSC 3.0 system, various services are available DATA 7-1 KBS2 UHD AEAT Emergency Alert Service DATA
  3. 700MHz frequency band 470–698MHz DTV frequency band KBS2, EBS KBS1,

    MBC, 지역민방 Seoul Daejeon Jeonju Gwangju Cheongju Busan Ulsan 2020.12. UHD broadcasting network expansion in progress according to new government policy plan ATSC 1.0 DTV switch-off 2020 2019 2021 2027 2023 2022 UHD innovation service (multi-channel/mobile/interactive) start 2017 World's first ATSC 3.0 terrestrial UHD broadcasting started 2017.05. 2017.12. 2017.12. 2017.12. 2017.12. Daegu 2017.12. 2022.12. 2022.12. Jeju 2022.02. Continuous expansion of service area
  4. From July 2021, Multi-Channel, Mobile, Interactive Services Started Multiplexer Configuration

    in a 6 MHz Frequency Bandwidth Fixed reception Mobile reception KBS Transmission Sites KBS Headquarter Received signals through antenna Received signals through antenna Able to watch a UHDTV channel as well as 3 HD mobile channels Able to watch 3 HD mobile channels only 9-1 KBS UHD 9-2 HD-MMS 9-3 Visual Radio Data casting 7-2 HD-MMS Data casting 7-1 KBS UHD 9-2 (7.19.~8.31.) → (9.1~ ) Olympic Disaster 9-3 Visual 1 Radio + Panorama, Amber Alert Service DATACASTING Advanced Emergency Alert Message (AEAT) 7-2 Simulcasting 7-1 Channel HD Quality Channel DATACASTING Advanced Emergency Alert Message (AEAT) + IBB + IBB + IBB
  5. Channel 9-2 Continues as Disaster-focused Channel Korea Communications Commission (KCC)

    Announced the Plan KBS Newsletter Answered to the Plan
  6. From Nov. 8, Finding Missing & Exploited Children Service Started

    in KBS 9-3 Channel (Original data) Information provided by the National Police Agency Server (Image to the Viewer) Automatically generated image using the received data from the server in one hour cycle
  7. Disaster Warning Broadcasting Currently On-Air through ATSC 3.0 Network (Left)

    UHD receiver installed and operated on a bus in Seoul (Right) A disaster warning message is displayed on a public signage. From September 2019, disaster alerts are sent in text format, separated from video/audio.
  8. By directly receiving the KBS1 channel, disaster warning message displayed

    (taken on Seoul city bus 463) Through the UHD broadcasting network, disaster information can already be received while moving.
  9. KBS NEWS 24 Streaming channel COVID-19 Code-of-Conduct KBS NEWS Official

    Website KBS 1 Radio Streaming channel ① ② ③ ④ Service item and icon are changed during typhoon is happened. ATSC 3.0 Interactive Service based on IBB Service for Providing the Disaster Information: COVID-19, Typhoon feedback from viewers using the IBB service during the Olympics
  10. IBB ‘Multi-cam Screen’ for Nuri-ho rocket launch IBB ‘Multi-cam Screen’

    for Korean baseball league ATSC 3.0 Interactive Service based on IBB Service for Providing Sports Live Extra Multicamera-feed Mosaic Experience
  11. 08.09. 5th Typhoon 08.26.~24. 6th Typhoon 09.02.~03. 7th Typhoon 09.06.~07.

    8th Typhoon IBB Access Data on Daily Basis 사랑 제일 교회 Broadcasters can obtain viewing patterns in real-time through user’s access data. Weekend Weekend Weekend Weekend Weekend ESG Access Data on Daily Basis
  12. BT.2100 HDR UHD Programme On-Air The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic

    Games, produced in UHD, were produced in HLG (BT.2020) video, and all three terrestrial broadcasters were on-air.
  13. We plan to make efforts to create an environment that

    allows direct mobile reception.
  14. Terrestrial UHD smartphone direct reception demonstration and seminar KBS 9-2

  15. ATSC 3.0 Direct reception ATSC 3.0 & 5G device 5G

    broadband Broadcast reception 5G reception Broadcast reception Shaded area cut off (tunnel/underground) 5G reception Supporting seamless viewing (2) MobileDNS-based BC(ATSC 3.0)-BB(5G/WiFi) automatic channel switching (1) Closed caption-based AI avatar sign language automatic creation (3) MMTP-based seamless region-specific spot advertisement automatic switching technology 태풍영향권 시청자 태풍영향권 외 시청자 시청시각 Timeline Covid-19 action Typhoon Status typhoon warning 9-2 MMS Disaster-focused Channel A disaster-focused channel for Koreans that anyone can watch anytime, anywhere Direct reception (fixed) Direct reception (mobile) 5G/WiFi Communication ATSC 3.0 transmitter CDN서버 9-2 Mobile DNS ② BC-BB automatic channel switching | developed by KBS Media Technology Research Center ATSC 3.0 Encoder MSW Master Switcher 3G-SDI HD-SDI STLTP UDP/IP ① Automatic creation of avatar sign language based on AI | 2022 national project KBS MMS MCR @ Yoido, Seoul Verification & validation test at Jeju island UHDTV Advancement of public service for Find missing children Advancement of IBB service for Disaster information (3) Locally customized spot transmission technology | KBS-SKT (Cast.era) MoU cooperation Sinclair MarkOne smartphone with the world's first ATSC 3.0 receiver chip