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Preparing for Higher Education

March 14, 2017

Preparing for Higher Education



March 14, 2017

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  1. Preparing For Higher Education Logan Surratte & Mark Dickenson PIEDMONT

  2. Our Main Message Our Main Message is to prepare our

    peers for a higher education to succeed in High School and be prepared and succeed in College. What you do in High School affects your college experience. Piedmont High School UNC Chapel Hill
  3. Who are we Targeting We are targeting peers that want

    to go to a good college and get a good degree for a better future. But before they do that they need to take classes and have teachers that prepare them for the Higher Education they will receive in college. If you take classes that challenge you a bit it will make the harder classes you will take later easier.
  4. Classes that can help them prepare for Higher Ed. -

    CTE Classes (It can help you in the future) - Math 1,2,3,4 (Math 4 is optional but colleges love it if you do take Math 4 which is a better chance of you getting into a good college and sees you want to get that Higher Education) - English 1,2,3,4 - History & Science Electives & Classes - Classes meant for your career you are going for - Classes with Higher Education that you want to do.
  5. What about the Research? The people of Inside Higher Ed

    took a survey and it showed that 62% wanted a college with higher education to increase there numbers. It’s beneficial because there is students who are wanting to go to a college or are in a college who want to or have higher education. They feel they need to be prepared for that and be ready so that way when they go to college, they are prepared. A website called The Chronicle of Higher Education said that experiential-learning opportunities help students apply the classroom to the real world, but many of them don't get the chance. But they can if the schools offered classes that can prepare them for higher education that colleges are giving to them; and it can be confusing for others who aren’t ready or have been prepared.
  6. So how do you start? - Ask your teachers if

    they have recommendations for any classes or teachers that prepare you for Higher Education. - Find classes that you like who have teachers and the class itself has you being Prepared for Higher Education. - Do more research on how to prepare yourself for Higher Education - Study Skills - Note Taking Skills - Communication Skills - etc. - Apply for Community Colleges. They can prepare you for Higher Education. (Also a college credit for you)
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