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Introduction to Security and Backups

Suzette Franck
September 05, 2014

Introduction to Security and Backups

Introduction to Security and Backups

Suzette Franck

September 05, 2014

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  1. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    Introduction to backups
    and security
    by Suzette Franck
    September 5, 2012

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  2. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    twitter: @suzette
    Front-end Developer

    at WebDevStudios

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  3. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    what we will cover
    1. top vulnerabilities and risks

    2. prevention

    3. getting hacked

    4. backups

    5. resources

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  4. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    Top vulnerabilities
    1. Virus-free computer

    2. Weak or compromised passwords

    3. Outdated server software

    4. Unreliable hosting

    5. Plugin or theme (bad or malicious

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  5. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    why do hackers hack?
    1. gain your server’s resources

    2. something malicious or spammy

    3. promote propoganda

    4. make money

    5. spread viruses

    6. because they can

    7. yes, big or small, everyone is a target

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  6. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    Am i at risk? yes!
    1. use internet

    2. have passwords

    3. own a website

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  7. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    steps to reduce risks?
    1. prevention is the best medicine

    2. best password practices

    3. get good hosting

    4. know your plugin and theme sources

    5. keep software updated

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  8. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    password management
    1. complicated passwords

    2. don’t use FTP, use SFTP or SSH

    3. different passwords for everything

    4. use a password manager (Lastpass)

    5. practice least privilege

    6. access only what is needed and when

    7. remove old accounts

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  9. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    password creation
    1. never use “password”

    2. don’t use pet or children’s names

    3. uppercase letters, lowercase letters,
    numbers, special characters

    4. longer is better than shorter

    5. use password managers to create and
    store new passwords

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  10. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    choosing hosting
    1. use a reputable web hosting company

    2. should offer SFTP or SSH access

    3. pay now for good hosting or pay later for bad

    4. shared hosting or VPS?

    5. keep server software PHP & MySQL up-to-
    date (you or host)

    6. do they have emergency backups? Fees?

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  11. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    wordpress hosting

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  12. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    wordpress application
    1. update WordPress (1. vs .1 releases)

    2. don’t login with admin, create new

    3. each user should have their own account

    4. use the user roles - admin, editor

    5. always practice least privilege

    6. remove unused accounts

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  13. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    wordpress application
    1. limit login attempts plugin

    2. file and folder permissions

    1. files: 644 read write execute

    2. folders: 755

    3. don’t use: 777

    3. move wp-config.php up a directory (not multisite)

    4. wp-config.php:

    define(‘FORCE_SSL_LOGIN’, true);

    5. define(‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true);

    6. wp-config.php add secret keys

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  14. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    plugin and theme safety
    1. know your sources (WordPress.org)

    2. backup, then update plugins and

    3. test on a local or development server

    4. delete inactive plugins and themes

    5. use as few plugins as it takes to get the
    job done

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  15. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    You’ve been hacked
    1. reduce reinfection: clean up, restore, or
    take down site ASAP

    2. don’t get google blacklisted

    3. hire experts, like Sucuri

    4. restore site from recent backup

    5. does your host offer emergency backups?

    6. time matters!

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  16. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    1. hacked sites may be cleaned, but…

    2. usually can not undo damage done

    3. updates to software may break sites

    4. maintaining backups is essential

    5. set up an automatic schedule

    6. know how to do a manual backup

    7. backup files as well as database

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  17. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    manual database backup
    1. login to PHPMyAdmin

    2. export to .sql using default settings


    3. install “WP Migrate DB” plugin

    4. configure and run plugin

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  18. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    using phpmyadmin

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  19. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    Using wp migrate db
    1. install and configure WP Migrate DB by
    Delicious Brains

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  20. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    manual database backup
    1. uncheck compress with .gzip & copy

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  21. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    backup your files, too!
    1. Filezilla or other SFTP client

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  22. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    automatic backups

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  23. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    backup essentials
    1. backup files and db before updates!

    2. don’t store backups on your server

    3. schedule backups based on how much
    information you’re willing to lose

    4. test backups periodically

    5. keep backups accessible for emergencies

    6. http://codex.wordpress.org/

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  24. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    1. http://blog.sucuri.net/

    2. WordPress.tv WordCamp Sessions:

    1. Dre Armeda

    2. Brad Williams

    3. Tony Perez

    3. Google (recent articles)

    4. “Locking Down WordPress” (Code Poet)

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  25. Suzette Franck

    #wclax @suzette_franck
    follow me on twitter:

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