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Website Considerations

Website Considerations

Prepared especially for the Burbank Art Association


Suzette Franck

May 17, 2017


  1. Website Considerations by Suzette Franck

  2. Social Media Networks vs. Having a Website PROS • Single

    Portal for Followers • Own your own content • Leverage Search Engines • Complete Control • Global Audience • Can be automated • Branding - central repository for all things you CONS • Wrong web hosting can be costly • Development can be costly • Requires technical knowledge, maintenance and upkeep • Software needs to be updated regularly • Backups and security are your responsibility FURTHER READING • https://suzette.pro/do-i-need-my-own-website/
  3. What is Needed for a Website? • Domain name (.com,

    .net. .org, etc.) • Web Hosting on a reliable server $3-$thousands/month • Your Text, Images, and Video Content • WordPress.org or other Content Management System • Commitment to website upkeep FURTHER READING • http://wordpress.tv/2014/02/ 01/suzette-franck-setting-up -and-maintaining-your-wordpr ess-site/
  4. Domain Names and Registrars REGISTRARS SELL DOMAIN NAMES • Buy

    domains from Hover.com or https://domains.google/ • As a rule, avoid buying domains at web hosts, as transferring later is difficult • Important to keep registrar personal information up-to-date • Avoid Yahoo Small Business Domains, Network Solutions, and GoDaddy • Privacy of your registration data is important, some charge extra for this FURTHER READING • https://suzette.pro/domain-names-dns-ip-addresses/
  5. Different Kinds of Web Hosting THIRD PARTY WEB HOSTING •

    Wix • Weebly • Tumblr • WordPress.com • Blogger • Squarespace SHARED WEB HOSTING • SiteGround • DreamHost • BlueHost • WPEngine • GetFlyWheel • Page.ly VPS/DEDICATED WEB HOSTING (ENTERPRISE) • SiteGround • DreamHost • BlueHost • WordPress VIP FURTHER READING • https://speakerdeck.com/suzettefranck/wp101-hosting-and-domains-2013 -chicago-wordcamp
  6. WordPress Artist Website Examples • https://thejasonmecier.com/ • http://thinkspacegallery.com/ • http://www.skibsart.com/

    • http://www.joshuapetker.com/ • http://www.anthonyclarksonart.net/
  7. WordPress Resources • WordPress.Meetup.com • WordCamps Yearly WordPress Conferences •

    WordPress.tv: http://wordpress.tv/speakers/suzette-franck/ • http://wordpress.tv/2013/10/28/suzette-franck-resources -for-reaching-your-wordpress-potential/ • https://speakerdeck.com/suzettefranck/resources-for-rea ching-your-wordpress-potential-vancouver • My Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/suzettefranck
  8. General Website Tips for Artists • Use Alt Tags on

    ALL images & relevant naming conventions (Uniquely title + put your name in the filename title if it’s your work) • Adding/changing text content on a regular basis, blogging relevant content for your audience • People return for content, not a nicely formatted nothing content website • Don't be afraid to use obvious keywords in your writing, imagine describing to a non-sighted person • Start building a legit emailing list ASAP, mailchimp.com is awesome • Preventing theft of images (sorry, you literally can't, if you publish to public internet) • Learning coding is NOT required unless you intend to be a developer, focus on marketing yourself on social media • Google all the things • Don’t overcomplicate, keep it as simple as possible • Automate where you can! https://ifttt.com/
  9. How to Reach Me North Hollywood, California • http://suzettepress.com •

    hello@suzettefranck.com • https://www.linkedin.com/in /suzette/