Post Launch Setup

6224f65dc0d9288ca4c9817d993d8ca4?s=47 Suzette Franck
September 21, 2013

Post Launch Setup

After your site goes live, you may think you are done, but it is just the beginning! To make the most of all the hard work that everyone put into creating the site, you need to make sure that processes are put in place to regularly maintain the site. I call this process, “Post Launch Setup”, which includes task lists such as setting up security monitors, backup scheduling, configuration up of stats and caching programs, automating post broadcasts, activating Jetpack, testing contact forms, and prepping your site for search engine optimization. Most of these tasks can only be performed after a site has gone live and DNS has fully propagated. This session will outline the steps I have personally used to successfully launch over 200 WordPress sites.


Suzette Franck

September 21, 2013