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Web Device Troubleshooting with Inspect

by Suzette Franck

Published July 16, 2013 in Technology

Troubleshooting with Adobe Edge Inspect

Suzette Franck will explain Adobe Edge Inspect, an essential application for WordPress web developers and designers who need to preview their content across multiple mobile devices, be it iOS, Android, Kindle, or PC. Wirelessly pair multiple iOS and Android devices to your computer, grab screenshots from any connected device, and see real-time results from changes to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Inspect allows you to synchronize browsing, remotely view code using Chrome's Developer Tools, easily grab screenshots from different devices, and it integrates seamlessly with the other Adobe Edge products, such as Code CC and Reflow CC. For developers, extensibility can be added using the Edge Inspect API. This session will cover the basics of setting up Adobe Edge Inspect along with tips on how to improve your responsive workflow and using the integrated code view when troubleshooting issues when designing across multiple devices.