Kubic - openSUSEs Container Starship

Kubic - openSUSEs Container Starship

Containers, Containers, Containers - The world seems to be going container crazy. openSUSE has a strong heritage with containers, being one of the first distributions to support lxc, but as time has moved on it's become more apparent that traditional, general purpose, operating systems provide as many problems for running containers as they solve.

Container admins need an operating system platform that can provide their container runtime (Docker, Cri-O, etc) and their container orchestration tooling (Kubernetes, etc), and then generally get out of their way, so they can focus on the containers and their contents.

Requirements include absolutely fully automatic updates,while updating far more often than a traditional enterprise distribution (to get the latest from this fast moving ecosystem), all the while never breaking, or at least automatically rolling back to a working state if it does.

Impossible? Some say so, CoreOS and Red Hat have taken the route of re-inventing wheels with their Container Linux & Red Hat Atomic systems.

openSUSE takes a different route. This talk introduces Kubic, details how it is the perfect operating system for running container workloads, explore how it leverages our existing expertise in rolling releases, btrfs, snapshots, and rollbacks, and explains how it forms the base of SUSE's commercial Container as a Service Platform.


Richard Brown

February 21, 2018