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JJGU CCC 2019 Springまとめ~Java歴1年なりの意見を添えて~

JJGU CCC 2019 Springまとめ~Java歴1年なりの意見を添えて~

This slide is summary of JJUG CCC 2019 Spring .


June 07, 2019

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  1. JJUG CCC 2019 Springのまとめ ~Java歴1年なりの意見を添えて~ 京都Devかふぇ#6 〜JJUG CCC 2019 Spring

    参加報告会(非公式)〜 フリュー株式会社 角田 拓己 a.k.a. chan_kaku
  2. The Goals of this Project is to provide a venue

    to explore and incubate advanced Java VM and Language feature candidates such as: • Value Types • Generic Specialization • VarHandles • Nestmates About Project Valhalla https://wiki.openjdk.java.net/display/valhalla/Main
  3. Nestmates public class Outer { private int i = 0;

    public class Inner { public int i() { return i; } } }