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[JSConf Chile 2023] How do DDD and software architecture play on the frontend

[JSConf Chile 2023] How do DDD and software architecture play on the frontend

Talysson de Oliveira Cassiano

February 03, 2023

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  1. What is the "domain"? “The sphere of knowledge and activity

    around which the application logic revolves” Source: <https://blog.airbrake.io/blog/software-design/domain-driven-design>
  2. What is Domain-Driven Design? - DDD is a software design

    practice focused on the domain - The domain is described through a model cultivated by the developers in collaboration with the domain experts - Model as in "model aircraft" - DDD practitioners prefer to use architectures that are centered on the domain
  3. What is software architecture? - It’s hard to define… but

    let’s give it a shot - How the components of a system interact and have assigned responsibilities prioritizing its success factors - It is not file organization - So, in a nutshell… - The team high level understanding of how the system works - Every system has an architecture, it’s better if it’s intentional
  4. User interface Application (use cases) Domain (business logic) Infrastructure Layers

    of responsibility in an architecture UI frameworks, styling, I18n, formatters, …
  5. Example: Diary application - The Diary is composed of entries

    - An Entry (an aggregate) is composed of: - ID: a number - Title: longer than 5 characters - Content: longer than 60 characters - Date: current or in the past
  6. "Make implicit concepts explicit" How does DDD handle this? Is

    it really an Entry? Or is it… the intent to create/edit an Entry? Make the intent explicit
  7. A new domain concept only for the frontend?! The frontend

    is a Bounded Context itself ⚠ Domain logic on the frontend is a matter of UX And it fits really well with…
  8. “Provides technical capabilities that support the higher layers” Examples: -

    interaction with APIs (REST, GraphQL, WebSockets) - interaction with the browser (cookies, LocalStorage)
  9. What are use cases? "[...] All the ways of using

    a system to achieve a particular goal for a particular user" Source: <https://www.ivarjacobson.com/publications/white-papers/use-case-20-e-book>
  10. What make use cases on the frontend different? On backend

    applications, use cases (aka interactors) are mostly transactional On the frontend (and mobile, and desktop, …) use cases are stateful But transactional use cases are the exception
  11. Example: “Create entry” use case - User clicks the "New

    entry" button - User edits the new entry data - The title can be edited (state) - The content can be edited (state) - The date can be edited (state) - User finishes it clicking the "Add" button
  12. How to keep the application layer stateful, reactive, and decoupled

    from the UI layer? By extracting the state from the use case Making the use case immutable
  13. Plugging it in into the UI layer (An example with

    React hooks) Leave reactivity and state management to the UI layer to implement
  14. Global state management: the layer #5 User interface Application (use

    cases) Domain (business logic) Infrastructure State management and server cache Provides data Updates the state after application events
  15. Updating global state after application events State updates are triggered

    as consequences, not being actively requested by the UI Similar to backend event-driven architectures
  16. Architecture layers of frontend applications User interface Application (use cases)

    Domain (business logic) Infrastructure Provides data State management and server cache Updates the state after application events
  17. Final considerations - There is a lot "canonical" programming knowledge

    out there that applies (or can be adapted) to the frontend, use it! - DDD and layered architecture - Dependency injection (aka DI) - Service-oriented architecture - CQRS and event sourcing - Use architecture to isolate complexity - Be patient, it'll pay off
  18. References and additional content - Making architecture matter <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DngAZyWMGR0> -

    Why We Need Architects (and Architecture) on Agile Projects <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oyt4Ru7Xzq0> - Domain-Driven Design Reference <https://www.domainlanguage.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/DDD_Reference_2015-03.pdf> - Domain-Driven Design books <https://www.dddcommunity.org/books/> - Scalable Frontend #1 - Architecture <https://blog.codeminer42.com/scalable-frontend-1-architecture-9b80a16b8ec7/> - Dependency Injection is JS/TS https://blog.codeminer42.com/dependency-injection-in-js-ts-part-1/