The Browser is Dead

The Browser is Dead

Three years ago I had never written a browser application. I had written plenty of web apps, but really I was coding like it's 1999. And did I mention I'm useless at design? So I was writing ugly web apps like it's 1999!

Then I started working with a rather unusual programmer who was writing front office trading apps - traditionally the domain of rich desktop clients - in a browser. In a browser! Surely it would be too slow? And the user experience would suck? But it wasn't. And it didn't. Because the browser isn't just a browser any more.

Three years on I can get from zero to functional faster than I ever thought possible. I can create feature-rich, good-looking apps with zero desktop deployment. I've never felt so empowered by a technology as I do by html5 and modern web development. I'm still useless at design but now it's much less obvious!

In this session I'll show you how to get up and running in record time, and more importantly how to harness this powerful new platform. The browser is dead, long live the browser.


Daniel Terhorst-North

October 03, 2012